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funny guy

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I had a bazillion(maybe not a bazillion) other things I was going to write about but I just needed to laugh and I don’t think I’m the only one. It seems like there is something in the air, the full moon from the weekend is still creating havoc or just the way the world is right now. Anyway, I decided to write my post today about things I have been collecting for awhile now and write in my book every time I see something weird or funny.

“From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.” ~ Dr. Seuss

And here it is:

  1. Buy Exhaust Here… I see this on a sign whenever I go back home to Pennsylvania to see family or friends…the sign says…Buy Exhaust Here…I don’t even know which is weirder, that you would sell it or that someone would buy it. If for some unknown reason you would want some couldn’t you just put a plastic bag over your exhaust pipe? I dunno…its just weird.
  2. Tattoos While You Wait… There is a tattoo parlor that I go by daily on my walks in our little town. I have lived here for 10 years and just a few weeks ago the sign out front struck me funny. Of course you would wait for your tattoo…I mean you can’t really leave your arm or leg… or boob there while you go shopping and come back for it later now can you?
  3. Ax Throwing Gaining Popularity in bars… Oh yeah, great…just what we need a bunch of drunk people throwing axes in bars. Need I say more…
  4. The Cochran Firm… This is the firm of the now deceased Johnnie Cochran that represented OJ. Johnnie passed away 13 years ago but in the ads on tv for the law firm…he lives. If they just had a small picture of him it would be fine, but they show a video of him talking. I really don’t mean any disrespect…honestly I don’t. But really, is it me or does this just seem a little creepy? Since I live in MD  and the law firm is in DC…the ad is on quite frequently.
  5. Ted Cruz posing for a picture with a “fan”…. Now this wouldn’t be weird except that the woman he was posing with was wearing a sign that said, “Texas deserves better than Cruz.” Maybe..and this is good advice for all of us… you should really look at someone before agreeing to have your photo taken with them.
  6. Danger, Men at Work sign… I see these signs quite a lot since it seems they are always working on the roads down here in Maryland…however when I saw a sign last week it got me thinking…why is it dangerous for men to be working…what are they doing that is dangerous…why don’t you ever see a sign that says, Danger, Women at Work? Are men just naturally more dangerous…or are women just more cautious?
  7. Gender Reveal Parties… Ugh…I just don’t get it, sorry. Back in my day(yeah, I know) we didn’t even know what we were having until we had it! Now everyone knows what they are having and not only that, they have to have a party(a huge frickin party) to let everyone know and share in the excitement. I read a story awhile back where this couple took the sealed envelope from the doctor to the bakery and told them to put the color pink or blue depending on the sex inside the cake. When they cut the cake it looked like pink….everyone at the party cheered and they all were very happy. Upon looking closer at pictures of the cake the icing looked white.. The couple then opened the second envelope the doctor have given them…just in case. It said, “it’s a boy.” Needless to say they were a little upset with the bakery.
  8. “My late husband died”… I was reading an article last week and the woman they were talking to was quoted as saying this line. I had to think about it for a few minutes… if he was her “late” husband, wouldn’t that also mean that he would have to have died? Again, is it me or is the statement redundant?
  9. If Door Does Not Open..Do Not Enter… this was a real sign on a door at a shop I was going to. I mean, if the door doesn’t open then I guess you can’t go in…or you may have to knock…3 times…LOL.. or call them or scream loudly… “let me in.”  Or is the door somehow connected to a secret buzzer and the owner has something fishy going on in there…again…I dunno!
  10. Please prepay in advance… another sign on the counter at a store I was shopping at… so if I’m buying a few items I have to know exactly what I’m going to get before I actually get them and pay for them before actually knowing what they are….does that make sense…no… well neither does your sign.

These were some of the funny, weird things I had on my list. I hope you enjoyed them. There are a lot more.. but I’ll save them for another day, another time. Do you see funny or weird stuff or is it just me?

“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.” ~ Reba McEntire

20 thoughts on “Just Some Funny Weird Stuff…

  1. More funny things to ponder!!! Thanks for the laughs, Renee. The exhaust thing really has me baffled!!

    1. Thanks Peg! And I saw it again yesterday on our way to York…it is past New Oxford…I want to stop and ask them about it..

  2. You Americans are funny people – there are so many things there that I thought to myself “Only in America” – although I’m sure axe throwing in bars is quite common in most countries!

  3. I liked your funny / weird list it made me laugh. I saw a weird sign along 30 at a hotel it advertised “A Kids Sale” ( isn’t that illegal) but if your stopped in traffic you can read the small
    print at the bottom it is kids clothing sale. So if your zipping down 30 (ha, ha) you maybe shocked to read they are selling children.

    1. I’m glad it made you laugh Donna! And you are right, it’s all in the wording…and since when can you zip down Rt 30????

    1. Alana, it just makes me wonder every time I go by there and its a lot..I may have to stop in and ask or see if they want to buy some of mine…LOL..

  4. This is perfect, Renee! Just the chuckle I needed!
    The kids and I regularly read the ‘want’ ads in the newspaper. Depending on the emphasis you put where, they are hilarious!

  5. 8 and 10 are funny….i hate that prepay crap even for gas!!! Have to wake up fully and think of any I know of.

  6. Hilarious!! My husband’s favorite is ‘Slow Children playing’. Why do only slow children have to be watched out for? You would think it’s those fast ones more likely to dart into traffic.

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