When You Have To Stay Inside….forever!

and it really does feel like it’s been forever…


my happy place…where I want to be right now..

So I’ve been self isolating for over 3 weeks now. I honestly can say I enjoy time alone…time to read and relax and just be! I have had enough going out, partying, working three jobs at a time, etc. to last me a lifetime, so yeah, I enjoy my alone time. I like to read, binge watch old movies and TV shows….but, that was before we were told we couldn’t go out!

I’ve never been very good at listening to someone when they told me I “couldn’t” do something. Even my parents… To me, when someone said you can’t do that, I took it as a challenge and somehow found a way to do it. It didn’t always end well. but I did it!

But this is different, this is life threatening. Maybe some of the chances I took years ago were as well, but now at 70, I tend to look at things a little differently. When we are young, we don’t listen to the reasons why we shouldn’t do something. We think..It can’t hurt, just this once! Everything will be fine. That was then, this is now. I look at these kids on beaches and say, “what is wrong with them? Why don’t they listen and do what they are told?” And then I think, what would I do if I were their age? When we are young and have our whole life in front of us, we think we are invincible. Nothing’s going to happen. Why not? Just this one time…

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.” ~ Desmond Tutu

I think back on my life and remember several incidents when someone told me I shouldn’t do something, go out with someone or go somewhere that wasn’t safe. Their words fell on deaf ears( which isn’t really funny now since I am almost deaf) and I did it anyway. I did it because I found a way to do it and that was all that mattered.

Not this time! I am in and staying in, except for walks in the neighborhood where I hardly ever pass another human. I have 20 more years left to enjoy on this earth, maybe 30 if I’m lucky. I don’t want to take the chances I did when I was young and foolish. Chances that could end up costing me my life or a sickness that would last for a long time. I don’t want to go through that or have my kids have to deal with it and watch me go through it. I just don’t!

And so I stay in and don’t take chances. I read, binge watch old TV shows(which by the way are better than the ones on now). I run on the treadmill every day and walk. I check in on family and friends to make sure they are doing ok through this. And I write, this is the first blog post I have done in over a year. A lot has happened in that year and maybe I will write about it at some point. I’ve been wanting to start again and just kept putting it off. I figured now was as good a time as any to start!

I hope you are all doing well and doing things you enjoy without having to leave your house. I’ve told you what I’m doing, so tell me what are you doing?

“Everything has it’s wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content” ~ Helen Keller

14 thoughts on “When You Have To Stay Inside….forever!

  1. Great to read your blog again! And you are right on target capturing the thoughts of “our generation”. What celebrations we will have when this is behind us!

  2. Hey Hellion! I was wondering what happened to you! Yes, this is the REAL THING isn’t it. The virus sounds like a fate worse than death…and then you die. I also love being alone and I also love to challenge most authorities, but not this one. Stay in and please do write some more for us. I for one am curious what you’ve been up to. Laura Lee

  3. Hi Renee. Good having Helpful Hellion Back. Glad you and yours are doing well. I do miss my girls and grands, but other than that, it’s pretty much the same. We still do our hobbies and our hikes and walks. IF this ever happens again, hopefully we’ll tackle it from the get go. We WERE little rebels back then, weren’t we!!! LOL Hope to get together in the near future. Love ya.

    1. Hi Peg, we sure were…those were the days, my friend! Glad you guys are doing well and yes, once this is over we are due for a long lunch… Love you too!

  4. I’m finding that retiring last year was like a prep course for this season of life. I’m good at being home, I like the man I live with, I’m good at occupying myself, and I actually enjoy my own company. I must admit to missing seeing my kids and grandgirls for Easter and for our monthly visits, but that’s a small price to pay for staying healthy. The internet is a godsend for catch-ups and life will eventually go on again – this is like long service leave for a lifetime of being productive – I intend to make the most of it.
    Lovely to visit again and hope you’re staying well and staying home like me – it’s a small price to pay xx

    1. Thank you Leanne. I agree with you and writing again is helping me get through this. Happy to hear you are doing well!

  5. Love hearing from you again, and this post is great!! Age sure has matured us, huh? No one has to tell me to stay in, lol, it’s what I do best honestly. I do miss my once a week nights out with some pals, but I’m saving money, lol. Keep the faith kiddo…we will survive 💕 love ya.

  6. The coronavirus crisis has affected us all in so many different ways. We have to adjust to living within our own homes with our immediate families. There is time to pursue hobbies and interests that were set aside when chances to go places put these on hold. One learns to adjust to what we find in front of us. There is more time for reading and listening to music. There is more time to appreciate the gifts that life has afforded us. And, there is more time to realize that no matter how intelligent we humans believe that we are Mother Nature still holds all of the major cards in the deck of life. Hiking and walking on solitary trails has been a blessing for Peg and I as we continue to marvel at nature’s gifts.

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