1. There was a story on one of the news shows yesterday about a campaign for International Women’s Day on March 8th to help teenage girls by giving them advice. It is the advice you would give yourself if you could go back and talk to “you” as a teen.You can join in this campaign by tweeting your advice to #DearMe.

    I saw some of the comments that a few women had made and it got me to thinking…”what would I tell my myself”.. I thought about it quite a long time and this is what I would say. Dear me..You are enough! You are smart enough, you are pretty enough and you really are good enough just the way you are.

    Don’t let anyone tell you what you should think and what you should do with your life. Whatever you decide to do is what ever you decide to do and it is enough. You can be anything you want to be. Dream Big! And don’t settle.

    Don’t try to fit in. Society tries to tell us what we should be and how we should look and act as women, mothers, wives and even as employees. You are unique and should do what makes your heart fill with joy every day. So what if you want to travel to Paris at 15? So what if you like to wear boots in the Summer time? So what if you want to write a novel and have no writing ability? So what if you have curly hair and everyone has straight hair? It’s ok! It’s all part of what makes you the way you are.

    Take care of yourself, your body and especially your skin. Start now. Exercise and really take notice of what you put into your body and you will be amazed at how your body takes care of you.. But don’t deprive yourself of things. If you want ice cream, have ice cream. (not that I eat ice cream, just using it as an example) Everything in moderation.

    Travel to all your favorite places, dance and sing like no one is watching, and love like there is no tomorrow. Life is short, so tell people you love them and value every day on this earth. Give back, be kind and help others.

    I love you the way you are and you are enough!

    Oh, and I almost forgot ….. if some young, hot guy tries to tell you he is sterile because he smokes Marlboros and you won’t get pregnant….don’t believe him.

    What would you tell your teenage self?

4 thoughts on “What Would I Say To My Young Teenage Self?

  1. You must have seen the movie “Stuart Saves His Family”! Because yes, you are good enough!
    I love your work and humor Renee!
    Thank you! and Aloha!
    Please come visit us! Me and Bree
    Our amazing rescue woofer who writes a blog!
    Paw haha!

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