My Love of Shoes, Documented in Pictures

 how it all began…



Ballerina flats

I think it started when I was a baby. My Mom loved shoes and had a million pairs of high heels. She wore them all the time, 4 inch heels no less. So maybe she somehow passed that love along to me while I was still in the womb. I know she did with the whole shopping thing so I guess the shoe thing was just a natural one for me to pick up from her too.


Not “cute” shoes

I’m guessing I didn’t get the whole designer cute little shoes thing yet in this picture. But I really don’t think it was my fault. I was only 3 at the time of this picture so I don’t think I had much say in what shoes I wore. Don’t judge me, I just wore what my Mom made me wear.

Saddle Shoes

Saddle Shoes

In this picture I am in elementary school and saddle shoes were all the rage. I was so excited when Mom got these for me.  I loved them and wore them every single day. I polished them and took great care to make sure the white part stayed that way. The cheerleaders wore these in high school and I wanted to be a cheerleader(sadly, that never happened). My older cousin was a cheerleader and she wore hers all the time, so of course I had to wear them too!

Red T Straps

Red T Straps

Next it was these red T straps shoes. I don’t know who made them or where we got them, but they were way cool. I wore them with everything. It didn’t matter if what I had on went with the color red or not, I just wore them. They were my first really stylish shoes. I thought I was “it.” Whatever “it” was…

Capezios, My Favorite

Capezios, My Favorite

You have to excuse me if I get a little teary eyed here. This is my favorite shoe ever…ever!! All of my friends had Capezio shoes and I didn’t. I begged my parents to get them for me and it fell on deaf ears. They were “too expensive.” You have to understand, I was in 7th grade and all the seniors were wearing these. Since I looked up to these girls, all I wanted in my 12 year old life was to have these beautiful shoes.  My friends all had them too and I was the only one in “my group” that didn’t. We all know how that feels. So I asked my parents if I could somehow earn the money to buy them, would they even allow me to get them. They said yes.. I think mostly because they didn’t really think I could do it. But even back then if I wanted something bad enough I would find a way to get it. So I got a “job.”  I started babysitting for a family up the street. They had 3 kids, two of the kids were really sweet and good kids, but the youngest a 3 year old was a real pistol. He was so bad, they had run out of babysitters who would even set foot in their house. So they were very happy to have me. Believe me when I say I earned every penny of the money they paid me and more. It was like something out of a horror movie watching this kid. But I had a goal and when I reached the amount I needed to buy my beloved Capezios none of that mattered. The day Mom and I went downtown to get my shoes was I think the happiest day of my life. I got the shoes I coveted for so long and I paid for them myself. All was right in my world that day, I had my shoes! I wore them home on the bus and slept with them right beside me that night. I couldn’t risk my little sister trying them on and ruining them. I proudly wore my new shoes to school the next day and I was finally “in style.”

I have not been able to find a picture of Capezios, the twin button kind I so loved anywhere on the internet. You can find anything on the internet, why not these? There are a few other styles but no twin button ones like mine. A group of friends were talking about this recently and one of them told me she still had her shoes. Yes, the ones she wore in high school. So I asked her to send me a photo of them. They are pictured below. I couldn’t believe I finally had a picture, only difference is hers are red. The one and only picture I have of mine is the one above of me wearing my black ones. I don’t know what ever happened to my shoes. I miss them…

Linda's Capezios

Linda’s Capezios


Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers

After the Capezios came the penny loafer. I’m the blonde sitting on the edge of the chaise with the beloved penny loafers on. Everyone was wearing these and I was older and cooler now so I had to have them too. Everyone was also wearing them with a shiny new penny in theirs but I put dimes in mine. I always was a rebel.

My Capezio Heels

My Capezio Heels

For years after the loafers I wore high heels (must have gotten it from Mom). The higher the heels the better. I wore them to work for hours at a time and it didn’t bother me one bit. I loved them and had every color and style. These were Capezio. Yes! They made heels too.



At this point in my life, I like comfort,  but I still love style. So I wear a lot of boots. I wear them all winter long and if they weren’t so darn hot I would wear them all summer. I love boots. I am into the ankle boots now as well. They are so good for the transition between Spring and Summer. I do love sandals and flip flops for the hot summer months and have a ton of them too.

Right now I am searching for the prefect ballerina type flats. But really I guess I will always be searching for that perfect shoe I once had and loved so much. I loved the look of them, the feel of them and last but not least the smell of them. There was a certain smell Capezios had and no other shoe has come close. Ok, I do know how that sounds, but it’s true. I don’t know if it was a Pennsylvania thing or if girls in other states were as attached to their Capezios as we were. Sadly Capezio is only making shoes for dance now, even after all of our emails and phone calls to them. I did find a pair a few years back, Clark was making them, they weren’t the same style but they were Capezios. They only had one size left…a size 6 and since I wear an 8, they really are a smidgen tight. In reality I can’t get the shoe even half way on my foot. But I have them. I have a pair of Capezios. I open the box now and then and smell them.


I hope you enjoyed my photo trip down shoe memory lane… I leave you as always with a quote and a question.

“One shoe can change your life” ~ Cinderella

What was your favorite shoe?


38 thoughts on “My Love of Shoes, Documented in Pictures

  1. This is such a cute post idea. I have a theory that every one born before the last 15 years have had saddle shoes at some point. There was also a good part of my life that I wore flip flops year round- which being in Texas isn’t that big of a deal. Now I alternate between heels, flip flops, boots, but my favorite is a wedge, it looks nice but is comfy

    1. Thank you Dia! I love shoes. I like flip flops too and of course I have some favorite brands of those as well.

    1. Thanks Emily! Glad you enjoyed it…and you don’t know what you missed by not knowing the “real” Capezios!

  2. Oh, Renee, you are the best! Like you, I loved my shoes, too, and had 5 or 6 pairs of my beloved Capezios! As you saw in my picture, I had the red twin button, black twin button, brown three-strap, black t-strap and brown twin button. I know there was a sixth pair, but for the life of me, cannot recall the color. Of course, they all had the cleats on the wooden heels and I took loving care of all my precious shoes. I so wish they would make these incredible shoes again……I just know there would be a market for them! Our Capezios always looked so cool when you wore them with a madras wrap-around skirt and a button-down oxford cloth shirt, or a pleated wool skirt in the wintertime and a shaker sweater with a button-down shirt underneath. Good Lord, we were such incredible dressers and when I look at these kids now, I just shake my head and smile. I loved my Bass Weejun penny loafers, too. They were so cool with knee high socks and our pleated wool skirts. And another of my favorites was the Sissy blouses we used to wear and the circle pins right on the front. Oh, and another accessory was the coffee colored nylons we wore. LOVED them so much. We had such class, didn’t we, girls?!! Don’t think any other kids dressed as awesome as we did. So many memories of the way we were! Sigh…………

    1. Glad you liked it Linda and thank you so much for the picture of your shoes! I so wish they would make them again too!

  3. Loved your shoe history, I have the same memories and love for Capezios. I had to pay for my first pair also, my Mother thought they were to expensive and would not last. I walked home from
    the bus stop on rainy days in stocking feet carrying my treasured capezios so they would not be ruined. I did not care about the runners in my stocking or the stones hurting my feet.

    1. Thanks Donna! I did the same thing, walking home in stocking feet or no stockings just to protect my beloved Capezios..

  4. I live in sunny SC so I have to say that my flip flops are my favorite pair of shoes. I completely understand though. I’ve been shopping for a certain short boot that I had and accidentally left in a hotel. I’ve been looking for about 10 years now with no luck.

  5. Well being a tomboy cowboy boots, sneakers and flats because of my back. As a kid I had cheap shoes all we could afford, school, dress, and play

    1. Sharon, we were certainly not rich…and I had to wait until I could babysit and earn my shoes with my own money..I think you are more grateful for them when you earn them yourself! Thanks!

  6. What a great story! I cannot stand heels but I love any flat / sporty / ballerina shoes and boots. My mom loved shoes a lot but I feel like I want to have quality over quantity. This period, I am searching for an awesome pair of Spring flats!


    1. Thank you Zaria! I am looking for an awesome pair of flats too! Just looked today as a matter of fact. Didn’t find what I’m looking for. Let me know if you find yours…

  7. I think the red t-straps are awesome. In Michigan, it wasn’t Capezio,it was Pappagallo. Same same but different. 🙂

    1. Betsy, we had Papagallo too! But it was the smell that got us with the Capezios..LOL! thank you for the comments!

  8. I have two drawers full of my son’s shoes he wore as a kid. I’m not a huge shoe enthusiast but there’s something about his…. And I did love my Cappezios as well!

    1. Aw, that is so sweet…I don’t think I have any of my kids shoes…I moved a few years back and really went through things…I wasn’t sure if Capezios were popular all over or just a PA thing… Thanks for commenting!

  9. OMG! I completely forgot about Capezio! I always thought they were for dancers and I was too much of a klutz! I got a pair of real lace up granny boots for Christmas one year – this was my ABBA phase and I loved them both. I have no idea where those granny boots went. I think the first pair I bought for myself were a pair of Candies heels – bone colored slides. I wore those babies to work as a salesgirl at Sears Men’s department – what better way to stake out the cute guy in customer service!!

    1. Laura, I had the granny boots too…and Candies…those were the days, huh?? and working in the men’s dept was a smart move… LOL! Thanks for your comments!

  10. Your photos could be my photos… minus the little sister. I loved Capezios as well. In my 20s, I started wearing their ballet flats. xo, Brenda

  11. I’ve always been one to choose function over fashion when it comes to footwear (mostly because I need to… no heels for someone with MS). The major score is finding a functional shoe that’s fantastically fashionable. It’s happened a time or two.

    A fun and unique post! Happy Saturday to you! (Here from the Midlife group. Happy to meet you!)

    1. Thank you Lisa! Glad to meet you as well. I am happy you enjoyed my post! and it is always hard to find what we are looking for no matter what that may be!

  12. Renee, there was a size 8 red ballet Capezio shoes on Etsy. They were sold unfortunately but maybe if you check around there might be other Capezios your size on Etsy!

    1. Thanks Joyce, believe me I have been looking. I may need to get a pair of boots, they have plenty of them on eBay…

  13. This is such a great blog and brought back those wonderful memories of our ‘Capezio days’ in high school! I babysat, too, so I could buy my first pair! I saved for WEEKS & would call my aunt & uncle to see if they were going away so that I could watch my cousins. I loved going there cause Aunt Jeanne always got pizza for us to make (my cousins were older than the kids you babysat) & I loved Squirt so the fridge in the basement was full of soda but especially Squirt! I finally saved enough & bought a black pair of the twin button. I was so proud of those shoes & that I bought them myself. After I got a ‘real’ job, I bought quite a few pair. Most of them were the twin button & I had several colors. All I needed to hear was that they stretched out so you should get a smaller size. I would stuff my foot into a size 6 or 6 1/2 when I really wore a 7 or 7 1/2. Found out with some of them that they didn’t stretch as much as they were supposed to. Ouch! Sure wish I had saved them but I wore them out – literally – wore holes in the bottoms! Those sure were the good ol’ days!! Thanks, Renee, for another great blog!! In the picture of you & Shelly – the girl on the right has a pair of shoes on that look similar to the Capezios I was trying to describe to you. Don’t know if hers are Capezios but they really resemble the ones I had that were olive green!

    1. Thanks for sharing your story about capezios Dinah! I think because we worked to get ours we appreciated them more.

  14. Omg you’re a hoot..just LOVE THIS, pics and all…great job. I guess I am NOT a woman cause shoes are one thing that I’ve never been into. I did have one pair of capezios and I also had to get a job and pay for them..we were so poor. I never saw my mom in heels, always waitress shoes or barefoot. I follow in her footsteps, golf shoes, barefoot or just something very comfortable. Never heels!!

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