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Do You See Signs…

“sign, sign, everywhere a sign”….


there are signs everywhere, we just need to see them….

“Signs”, as you may or may not recall was a song made popular in the 70’s by Five Man Electrical Band. Their frontman, Les Emmerson wrote it after taking a rode trip on Route 66. The band performed the song on American Bandstand on April 15th, 1972. Tesla did a remake of it in 1990. Little bit of trivia for you….this post however is not about songs, it’s about signs.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced seeing signs..or if you are even open to seeing them. I am, I always have been but more so now after losing so many people in my life. It brings me such peace to see a sign when I ask for one during my walks in the morning or even when I am just driving somewhere in my car and see one unexpectedly! Whenever and however I have the experience… they make me happy and let me know everything is going to be fine! I see all kinds of signs. Lately I have seen some very strange ones..here are a few of them.

1. Rubber bands – This is one of the weird ones. Maybe if I just saw one or two it wouldn’t be so weird but I have been seeing a bunch of these every time I walk. Different places so it’s not the same ones and all different colors…not sure if that means something or not. But what are they trying to tell me? Are they saying…Hey, hold it together…be flexible..or reminding me that something should be bind us all together…or that you can pull one just so far before it snaps. Not sure which one to go with, maybe all of them apply at certain times.

2. Feathers – I know a lot of people see these and say they signify a loved one near by or angels are among us. All of the ones I see are white and I read somewhere that means some one is protecting me. I believe that. I have lost too many of my dear loved ones to not believe they are all protecting me.

3. Hearts – All kinds of hearts or things that look like a heart. Rocks or shells that are heart shaped..a leaf that is shaped like a heart…a piece of gum someone spit out and has been smashed on the sidewalk(ok, I know you think this is weird) It does not matter to me what it is, if it looks like a heart it is a sign. My youngest daughter sees way more hearts than I do. She send me pictures of the ones she finds and sometimes I have a hard time finding the heart…

4. Poop – Ok, this one is weird even for me. I saw what looked to be like a huge pile of human poop. It may have been dog poop but I never saw dog poop look like this pile of poop did. What does this one mean? Life is poop.. or maybe poop happens. Well it does…maybe it was meant to tell me that it does happen and just move on. Not sure about this sign…anyone??

5. Puzzle pieces – I have seen so many puzzle pieces on my walks…not just one or two…a lot. What are they trying to tell me? Maybe it’s that life is a huge puzzle and once you find all the pieces…you die. I’m pretty sure I don’t have the puzzle of my life figured out yet…not even close….so I will be here for a while!

“Signs are to eyes what words are to ears.” ~ Ken Glickman

6. Candy wrappers and Dum Dums – Maybe I am just a little too hungry when I go on my walks. I know there is a bunch of trash on the ground right now with the snow gone, and I get the candy wrappers..but the Dum Dums are not in wrappers. They still have the lollipops inside. What could the significance of seeing Dum Dums be? I am dumb..people are dumb…the whole world is dumb? Yes, yes and YES!

7. Bag of Doritos – A full unopened bag. This one is definitely a sign from my son. Doritos were his favorite snack ever. He could eat one of those ginormous bags in one sitting.. I can’t look at a bag of Doritos without thinking of Dave!

8. Pack of Marlboros cigarettes – It started out as one pack and now two…there is a chair on the porch of a house I pass by everyday..it has one of those net things to hold your drink…but instead of a drink, there is a pack of Marlboros in it. The person must come out on the porch and smoke…but why do they need two packs? They must smoke a lot or there are 2 people smoking and they don’t want to share…but I digress…what is this sign telling me? Anyone that knows me well also knows my Marlboro story about my ex husband… So is this sign telling me I finally need to forgive him? I don’t know if I can do that? I have tried several times in my life to forgive him but he keeps doing things that makes forgiveness hard. I’ll have to think on this one…

9. Birds – Cardinals, Blue Jays and Hawks – We have all heard seeing a cardinal is a sign from a loved one. I see quite a few of them when I am walking but recently I was having a little bit of a bad day and went out into the kitchen and one was at the window…just fluttering it’s little wings and staying there in mid air at the window looking in at me. A blue jay.. well that was a little more difficult to find anything about..it seems they give us a voice(something I’ve never had trouble finding) or clarity on something. And Hawks…I just love them. My son loved them and once found one that was injured…he took it home and tried to nurse it back to health, he couldn’t so he called the local Department of Natural Resources and they came and picked it up. They called him when it was ready to be released so he could watch that happen. He loved that experience and it was one he would never forget. So I see hawks all the time..I see one in particular that seems to always be there…Dave told me he would see a hawk in the median strip on Route 15 every day on his way to work…I would see it too and then I didn’t anymore….not long after he died I started seeing it right there in the median strip again. If I am having trouble with something and I ask… will this all work out ok… all of a sudden a hawk appears and I quietly say…Thanks Dave!

10. Seeing certain numbers or times coming up on the clock – In our family we always notice the same certain numbers coming up…a lot! 11/11 or 11:11 or 111 or 11/1…Do these numbers come up for a reason…it is said you should make a wish when you see them…or it means change is coming(well that one is for sure, cause our family sure has had a ton of it) or does it have to do with synchronicity…Or is it just the fact we notice these numbers and so are more aware of them when they show up. By the way, Wikipedia says Carl Jung came up with the word Synchronicity back in 1952..and gave it a definition of “meaningful coincidences.” I have had a ton of meaningful coincidences in my life and hope I have a few more coming my way…soon. Good ones.

Do you ever experience this? Do you see signs? What signs do you see?

“Over the months, I kept seeing more feathers, especially at moments when I was really down and distraught. You ask for signs in your life, but what you get is more like a confirmation: You are where you need to be. Just take a deep breath.” ~ Lana Parrilla