Some Things I Just Don’t Understand…

I need some answers people…


so many questions…

As I sit here thinking on this Friday night so many thoughts come into my mind. Those of you who know me know I am always thinking of weird things. Some of which are just too weird to even talk about, but here are some things that have been bothering me lately.

1. Why do women take their boyfriends/husbands shopping with them – I saw a couple last week and really the guy looked like someone had killed his puppy. He was moping along behind his wife and it was all I could do to keep myself from asking…”why, just why are you with her if you are so miserable” and then turn around and ask her, “why did you bring him”….

2. Why after millions of years of people making and eating bread is everyone allergic to it now – Bread was the mainstay of every meal back when I was a kid and  even when my own kids were growing up. Back in the dark ages bread was really the only thing people had besides the meat they had killed that day. But for some reason, it bothers people now.

3. Why suddenly are dogs allowed everywhere – Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. Truly I do. But do they need to be in a clothing store? Not everyone loves them and some people are even allergic to them. And a there is a whole lot of people who are trying to pass their chihuahuas off as service dogs. Suddenly everyone has a service dog. I know there are people that need them and I don’t have a problem with that. Its the ones who are abusing the whole service dog thing. Really a chihuahua…

4. Why are there warning labels on everything these days – Yes, I know the coffee is hot, I am not an idiot. Yes, I do know to take the plastic wrapper off the cheese before I eat it. A knife that comes with a protective covering telling you “the blade may be sharp and may cut you.”  When did we all become so stupid or so ready to start a lawsuit at any minute over things such as this that we need these warnings?

5. Why are there so many monopolies again – Did we or did we not back in the day stop these from happening so people would be able to get a fair price for what they were using or buying…. Now we have one cable company…one electric company, one healthcare company and one eye care company(at least in my area) Enough already, this needs to stop. We need to be able to shop for the best price and the best service once again.

“Wondering about all the things that I’ll never understand there are some things that you can’t know unless you’ve been there.” ~ Ani Difranco

6. Why do drug companies have so many ads on tv – Do people really see these and think to themselves…”wow, I need this.” And the people that are on the drugs, do they really need to keep seeing the happy healthy people on TV using the drug and think to themselves… why don’t I feel that way?…what’s wrong with me?..why doesn’t this stupid drug work?

7. Why is every day a “something” day now – We used to have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and then even Grandparents Day. But now every single day is a “day.” We have National Ice Cream Day(isn’t every day), Best Friends Day, Hug a Cat Day, Ice Tea Day, Waffle Day, Jerky Day, Ball Point Pen Day(yes this is a day) and lets not forget Free Donut Day..of which I still never received mine. Why..why does every day have to be a “day?”

8. Why is White House/Black Market still called that – Clearly they forgot this was their name. They always only had white and black clothing…then a few years back they decided to put one color in every now and then. I was in the store a month or so ago and they had every color under the sun. So they either need to change their name or stop have every color. Who comes up with these ideas?

9. Why does every stupid company on earth have my cell phone number – I am on the “Do Not Call” list. Several times..but I still get the annoying spam calls. I don’t answer if I don’t know the number…why do people answer their phones if they don’t recognize the number? And even if you don’t have caller ID, just don’t answer, if someone wants you bad enough they will call back or leave a message. But back to the original question, why does every company and idiot on the planet have my cell phone number…but I can’t remember it to save my life.

10. Why when you are with people and trying to have a conversation they are on their phone texting and checking emails – Yes, I know some people who do this and yet when I text them they don’t text me back.

I know I have a lot more but will save them for another time. Can you think of one that bugs you?

“Sometimes things happen to us that we just don’t understand. These things sometimes become the doors and windows to our destiny.” ~ Andrea Nugent


24 thoughts on “Some Things I Just Don’t Understand…

  1. Oh Renee these made me smile – I’ve wondered about several of them myself – including the bread thing – what is it with all these food “intolerances” that have sprung up? And my mum is one of those annoying people who think their chihuahua is so adorable that it can go wherever she wants to take it – NO! Just NO!

    1. Oh no not your own Mother…thanks Leanne, glad you enjoyed it…I really don’t understand why these things are happening…

  2. When you figure #10 out, when me know…seriously!

    10. “Why when you are with people and trying to have a conversation they are on their phone texting and checking emails – Yes, I know some people who do this and yet when I text them they don’t text me back.”

  3. THIS IS AWESOME. Your question about dogs, dedicated days, bread, and the drug companies pouring money into ads and making us pay out the
    wazoo for the drug itself. You woke me up with these questions!!

  4. I love bread! Have to admit we passed our chihuahua and rat terrier as emotional support dogs to keep from paying a hefty pet deposit and monthly rent. They really are to us, but would probably fail a service animal test. Drug commercials make me never want to take them.

  5. If you find the answers send them to me, please because I am wondering as well! The warning labels do crack me up but no one can take a chance on stupidity at large and a litigious mentality.

  6. First of all…props on the Ani Difranco quote! And I want answers to all these questions as well. I am also not allergic to bread. It loves my hips and thighs.

    1. Thank You Michelle…and so glad I am not allergic to bread…I love it and it loves me…several times a day in fact…

  7. The first time I saw a dog in Lowes, I thought the guy was being sneaky. Just don’t buy anything from the bottom shelves. For the first time in my life, my guy asks ME to go shopping. Love it. 🙂 It is crazy all of the disclaimers companies have to include so people don’t sue them..or course they do anyway. We were just talking about the “something every day” thing recently….wth?

    1. I couldn’t believe the chihuahua in the clothing store though and it certainly wasn’t a service dog…Happy Friend Day Peg!

  8. Yes, Renee, there are too many days dedicated to who knows what? Perhaps it is the card industry that wants us to buy cards to send to people who we are not that friendly with but fall into that category. Perhaps, it is because we are too politically correct and we do not want to offend anyone. Perhaps, it is some guy or girl in a small cubicle whose job is to manufacture certain days just to annoy us. If that is the case, then it worked. We do have too many monopolies and it stifles the life blood of capitalism, competition. I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head.

  9. LMAO…this actually made me LAUGH OUT LOUD….Oh for the good ole days…technology is great, but it was sooo much different back then and BETTER in a way. HUGS

  10. Why does every company have a machine that answers their phone who proceeds to give you 10 choices to pick from then it just keeps going and going and going.. ultimately I end up getting distracted and can’t remember anything they said.. ugh.. so frustrating.. why can’t a real person answer the phone and send me to the right person?

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