doctors visit

I Hate Going to the Doctor!!!

did I say how much I hate it, but I went and I survived….

doctors visit

I hate stethoscopes too…

Ok, anyone who knows me also knows how much I hate going to the doctor. In fact, I don’t go, never, nada, zip… But with my cataract surgery coming up I had to have an exam and be checked out so I wouldn’t die while they were doing the surgery. I thought about going to one of those walk in clinics but I checked to see what was close by and there was an office right down the street. I called to see if they could do this exam and they said sure but they would need to first add me as a patient. I thought about hanging up and just going to the walk in clinic and then I thought, “you are getting older..ugh.. and maybe just maybe you should have a doctor”.

I know right? I even scared myself with this thought. But I had to have the exam and this place was close by so I scheduled the appointment. After scheduling it I got anxious and scared and considered calling and cancelling the appointment. I mean really anxious. But I went because my daughter assured me I would be fine. But would I?

The reason I hate doctors so much is this…all of my family members that went to the doctor for some little thing all the sudden were diagnosed with some big thing….and then they died. My Dad, My Mom, and my sister… so I am not a big fan of them. In fact I’m not a fan at all. I told the person on the phone, I told the assistant who came in to take my info and vitals and I told the doctor. I was pleasantly surprised when they all understood how I felt and even talked to me about my feelings. They all agreed they would feel the same if this had happened to them.

“Doctors and nurses are people who give you medicine until you die.” ~ Deborah Martin

See I even found this quote above…I don’t know who Deborah is but I think she is my twin. So the visit all in all went pretty well I guess… I have listed just a few things that happened while I was there. and I was there for a long time…an hour and a half to be exact.

  1. First of all they took my weight – I was astounded what I weighed since I never weigh myself and… don’t go to the doctors. I turned around to see if someone had their foot on the scale and asked if I could take all my clothes off and do it again. The assistant just smiled…
  2. Medical History – I have no medical history since I don’t go to the doctors. I had 3 kids, a tubal ligation(look it up) and a partial hysterectomy…all in the 60’s and 70’s…nothing since then and no doctor. I did have one while the kids were little, it was a family practice and he made me come once in awhile too. But when we moved to Maryland I stopped going there.
  3. Blood Pressure – My blood pressure was thru the roof. She knew I was anxious and said we’ll take it again before you leave. I told them I took it in the morning and it was fine. Just believe me…
  4. Having an EKG – I never had an EKG, I knew it had something to do with the heart and honestly this is what scared me the most. I have been having these feelings like my chest was tight and my heart was heavy and so I thought I was having symptoms of a heart attack. I got hooked up to the machine by all the little sticky things and the assistant had to go get something. So I lay there thinking this is it. I am going to be told I need to be on some medication and I have a bad heart. At that exact moment my gum almost went down my throat and I started choking. Thank goodness I got it back up before she came back in and thought I was dying before I even had the EKG. (the EKG was fine)
  5. The Questions- They asked for all the medications I was taking to which I of course said..none! But I explained I do take a lot of vitamins and other stuff. I had to list all the vitamins and how many mgs. of each, which of course I guessed at cause who knows that when you take like 10. And then my apple side vinegar and coconut oil! The best question was when the doctor finally looked at me and said, “exactly when was your last doctor visit?  I honestly didn’t know but guessing when I broke my arm in the 80’s..but that doesn’t even count cause I went to the hospital. So I said I guess the 70’s. Amy(that’s my doctors name, that sounds funny me even saying that) said OMG! She did follow it up with, “well you look good have no problems that I can see or feel so keep doing what you are doing.

Amy did ask that maybe, just maybe if I thought I could manage it, that I could come back for a wellness visit and some blood work…I told her I would think about it. I have given it some thought and I don’t think I will. I am having cataract surgery. That’s more than enough to worry about for a person who hates doctors. I have to have both eyes done and they won’t do them both at the same time. Believe me I asked and even begged… And I’m thinking if doing the one makes a lot of difference I may not even go back for the second one. I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all. I have managed for just about 40 some years to take care of myself by doing natural and alternative things for my body. I am very healthy and I don’t get sick.  I think I will just keep doing that. Its worked well for me so far…

A final note, as I left the office I stopped at the desk and knocked on the window…and when she opened it I told all of the girls that I really didn’t want to come there and again reiterated how much I hate doctors and doctors offices but that they made this visit so much easier for me and were all super sweet. They all said thanks and got big smiles on their faces…even the one who was a tad grumpy smiled. So there’s that!

Here’s my question…Do you hate going to the doctor?

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.” ~ Erma Bombeck (note: their plants were all flourishing.


20 thoughts on “I Hate Going to the Doctor!!!

  1. Wow!! Just in time for my doctor’s visit tomorrow afternoon with my newest doctor!!! There have been a few of them as it seems that my former office has been undergoing a massive amount of turnover. Does not give one any confidence…..and then there was the matter that after going there steadily for past almost 38 years, they no longer accept our insurance. Our insurance has changed from time to time over all those years as my insurance is tied to my last job and they change insurances for God knows what reasons. So now we are in a new, to us, practice, And I have met with the new doc once to sort of get acquainted and fill out a bunch of paperwork, etc. Tomorrow I think I will get some kind of exam. So, of course this week, I have been having what I have self-diagnosed with what I believe to be gall bladder issues. Hope to find out tomorrow whether I am wrong or right. I basically ate little for the past week except for applesauce, once the pain was under control. Then today I was feeling better so I ate a small bowl of instant oatmeal. Was fine most of the day, but now once again I am experiencing some less severe pain. I cannot wait for tomorrow to arrive! As I have high blood pressure, I must see the doc whenever I am “due” or they will not prescribe my medication. So they sort of have me there!! I don’t much care for the poking and prodding but it is what they do. Wishing you much fortune in your future health, Hellion!!!!

  2. I hate going to doctors also but must go often for certain reasons. Very sick of me but I love getting blood test results–on the internet, i can compare them to the last or the last several, and sometimes I can reward myself; other times….
    I began wearing glasses at 7 and probably would have earlier had my mother allowed us to go to an eye doctor. My best friend’s father talked my father into letting me get contacts at 14. The contact lenses specialist told us that my eyes would probably remain at the same vision with some minor tweaks as long as I wore lenses. I had to stop wearing them about 6 years ago and it was as if the floodgates opened. I became almost legally blind. i would have had vision surgery anyway but as I had cataracts Medicare paid for the hospital part-horrible astigmistims–couldn’t get laser surgery but Toric Ocular, so I did it as an out patient. Loved the sedation–the first time. Not great the second time but not horrible. Best thing I ever did
    This coming Monday I’m having eyelid surgery–my incredible optometrist said he never saw a person fail the Medicare test so perfectly.
    My mother–the person I loved most in the world–was very vain in a good way–except for not letting my sister and I go to eye doctors. She ended up with the first case of macular degeneration anyone had heard of in the 1980’s–so if it’s eye related I do it as I know it lets you live independently. She could because she was incredibly organized and not demented at all–but was stuck in her apartment–refused help
    Good luck with the surgery—the world will suddenly be much brighter–for about an hour then you get used to it

    1. Thank you Pia! Looking forward to be able to “see” again! and good luck with the eye lid surgery..

  3. I’m sorry this is such an ordeal. I love going to the doctor, but I know others who have anxiety about the whole thing, so I respect your discomfort. (There are other professionals that I avoid like the plague. I won’t even mention which type of profession because I get so nervous about it!) I hope your cataract surgery in the first eye goes well and heals up very quickly.

    1. Thank you Karen, and believe me if I didn’t want to be able to see,,which is necessary… this wouldn’t be happening…

  4. For decades I was a pharmaceutical sales rep in doctors’ offices and hospitals every working day. I knew good docs, bad docs, good docs at bad offices, bad docs at good offices. My personal and my family docs are I those I liked and offices that were run well. Then I stopped working and then my doctor retired, then my replacement doc retired and then my insurance didn’t accept the young doc I picked who would outlive me and now I don’t know who is who ! I did go with a doc I knew from my days of carrying a bag but she is no spring chicken. So that is a long answer that I think we all need to interview our docs and the offices. If we don’t like what we see change. Establishing a relationship with a doctor is important. This winter I called my doc, told her I had a cough for 2 months and thought I needed something stronger than OTC. She called in a script for a drug for me without even having to go into the office to see her. The relationship!

    1. Yes, you are right Haralee, it is a relationship like any other…I do like Amy…but I still hate going…

  5. Ever since I retired and went on medicare, it seems like that’s all I ever do. I always went to the eye doctor, since I started wearing glasses in grade school, and the yearly OBGYN. Now since I’m on certain meds, I HAVE to go to my PCP every six months. I even got a pneumonia shot this year!!! My last flu shot was in the ’70’s when we had to stand in line for the “swine flu shot”. I’m lucky I went to a dermatologist…the “pimple” on my forehead HAD to come off…or else!!!! So, what I mean, is…..even though I’d rather be doing fun things, it is necessary at my age to have all of these visits.

    1. Yes, Peg..sometimes it is necessary! But I still Hate it! And if you would take your ACV, you would feel 100% better..LOL!

      1. NOOOOOO!!! Not that!!!!!! Actually I’m going to try turmeric. I’ll sprinkle it on my food…hopefully I can be a big girl and keep at it!!! hahaha

        1. Ha! Ha! I told you that you can get it in capsules…shelly takes it that way….and believe me, she doesn’t like anything…

  6. Doctor visits are not on the top of my priority list but I realize that they can and will alleviate pain. Form personal experience, they can put an end to pain from kidney stones which can make the strongest man squeal like a newborn baby. Your post is very good and interesting to read.

  7. Oh Renee we are so much alike!!! I am used to it now that I have to go all the time but God love ya it is a chore!

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