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Just Stop Talking To Me!

everyone and “everything”..take note, just stop.

stop sign

Just stop…please

I don’t know why everything has to talk to us these days. Do we really need to be spoken to by our phones, our cars, and our computers? I did an upgrade on my computer and it asked me if I wanted Siri. I said no, it came back and said why…I said because I don’t want my computer to talk to me. I have enough things talking to me. People in stores, people I don’t know or want to know feel like they must tell me their whole life story. I somehow bring this out in people. I must look like I care what they have to say.

Ok, those of you who know me or follow me know I do care. I care deeply about people, my friends, family and neighbors, etc. I’m a caring person. I really am. And I want to know everything about them and what is going on in their life. They can call me any time day or night and I will be there for them.  But if I am sitting in the car repair place reading my book, then NO.. “Mr Bald Guy with the big glasses”(I also have a thing where I give these people names)I don’t want to know what you are having for dinner later or guess where you were earlier in the day or where you are going on vacation next week. No…I don’t need to know that. I am reading a book. One time I was on a plane and the guy next to me constantly tried talking to me even though I was making believe I was asleep to try and stop his constant chatter. It didn’t work or stop him from going on and on endlessly about the problems he was having in his marriage. What idiot talks to people when they are clearly trying to sleep?

I also hate when I am in the grocery store and people I don’t know want to stop and talk about how they make spaghetti. I am here for a reason, I don’t like grocery shopping, I want to get in, get my stuff and get out. As stated, I don’t like people and I don’t want to talk to you about making spaghetti. Ok, I know all of this sounds somewhat harsh and maybe mean spirited. It isn’t really just people, it is all these gadgets we have vying for our attention and screaming at us everyday that is really the cause of my ire.

“Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much.” ~ John Wayne

I”m a somewhat normal person. I like parties and having fun and sometimes I throw caution to the wind and dance and sing out loud. But the majority of the times these days, I like my peace and quiet. Been there done that, if you know what I mean.  But every direction I turn lately I have someone or some “thing” trying to talk to me. The ATM asks, do you want that cash a certain way? Its $20…just give me $20. My daughters car talks to her constantly. I can’t stand that and its not even my car. I am glad mine doesn’t do that. If it did I may have to take out its speaking thingy. If I don’t want to get my oil changed right now when my car says its time I won’t. And it can beep at me all it wants to but it can’t make me. The watches that talk and tell you stuff annoy me. Who needs that? All you need is a watch that tells time. Thats it… that is why God created watches.

And then they created the talking tube. The round thing that sits in the middle of your living room you talk to and it answers every question known to man…or woman. It reads books and plays songs and tells you the news of the day. Ask it anything and it has an answer. The Echo…Who needs this and why? I don’t like real people talking to me and now we have this. There is Google Now, Windows Cortana, and of course our dear sweet Siri..all of them trying to one up each other and answer the questions the world needs to know and then some. Maybe we should put them all in a room together and let them talk to each other until they run out of answers.

I don’t have Siri on my new iPhone, I mean she is there lurking just waiting for me to push her button and “need” her. Last week one night my grandson was showing me how to use my phone and he told me to push the on button twice, I did that and Siri came on happy as a clam that I had asked her something. Of course I didn’t ask her anything I was talking to my grandson. So I said “oh no there’s Siri. I hate her.”  To which Siri replies, “Well, I’m still here for you.” She made me cry. Maybe I’ll talk to her one of these days.

Do you like “things” talking to you? Do you use any of the things I mentioned? Please tell me one good reason to use them in the comments below.

“Sometimes it feels better not to talk. At all. About anything, To anyone.” ~ Bryan Cranston as Walter in Breaking Bad

22 thoughts on “Just Stop Talking To Me!

  1. In my old age I love quiet. It’s very hard to find some times. Why, not sure. I was just with the elderly lady I caretake to and she never stopped talking for 2 hours. Talking makes me very tired at this stage of the game. I am thrilled my Mr doesn’t do a lot of chat. I could sit on the couch with the dog right now and not turn on anything and read my book. Total silence. And that’s what I am going to do. But, I get it I could make conversation with an ice cube, I was in outside sales for years. STOP TALKING AND LISTEN!!!!!! or NOT, JUST HAVE SILENCE.


  3. I have yet to figure out the appeal of those ‘talking tubes’! After a 10 hour work day of talking with patients and making small talk with families, there is nothing I want more than peace and quiet. I never mind the conversations – have met a lot of interesting folks – but there is only so much chatter my brain can hold.

    1. Laura, I can’t figure it out either nor do I want to….and I’m sure you are tired enough at the end of each day without any chatter!

  4. It’s weird, but I get people approaching me at the grocery store too, usually asking where an item would be located or what is this spice? Do I look like a grocery store concierge? Haha, I really don’t mind, it’s just funny. I don’t like Siri either…her and I are on unspeaking terms.

    1. Oh Laurie I am glad I have someone else on my “I Hate Siri” team…just remember, she is still there for us…

  5. I don’t mind people talking to me, even about spaghetti at the grocery store, but I do not like things talking to me. I did get quite a laugh over your opting out of Siri and being asked why not. Yikes, I think that’s way too intrusive.

    1. Karen, most of the time I don’t mind it either, but sometimes… And Siri can be quite bothersome..LOL..

  6. I hate those perfect voices too – the only one I don’t mind is on my GPS but I find that when I need her to be talking and telling me which way to go she suddenly shuts up and I overshoot my destination before she tells me in a rather patronizing tone, that I need to turn around – grrr

  7. YES YES YES!!! I don’t even like words on clothes. I don’t want my clothes talking to me or words on napkins or dish towels, forgetaboutit! In my former life when I traveled 42 weeks a year you can’t imagine what seat mates talked to me about. I sometimes think I should write a book, ‘confessions from seat mates at 30,000 feet’.

    1. OMG Haralee, I love love love your comments and just read them to my daughter who is just like this…Thank you for making me laugh today!

  8. Oops. I’m one of those people who talks to strangers. I try to read body language and give people space if they prefer that. I just figure we all have a shared humanity, and I’m eager to connect. But I have many introverted friends who let me know that not everyone wants to meet new people. The world is made up of a lot of different kinds of people, and that’s a good thing.

    1. Karen, you are so right and most of the time I like to stop and talk to strangers…the ones that look friendly anyway…but sometimes you just want to yell…would you please just shut up…

  9. I am with you in that everywhere I go people strike up conversations and share their troubles with me. I will confess to typically enjoying it. It gives me the helpers high and it also reminds me every single one of us is caring around a hard. Even when that hard is unseen

    1. Carla, most of the time I am like that too…but sometimes I just want a little peace and quiet….and you just can’t shut some people up…

  10. Yes, you have a point. On the other hand, I think it may be a small kindness to listen to someone who may be very lonely.
    It could be you, yourself, in the wink of an eye…I do hope not. But perhaps something to consider.


    1. hillsmom…If you know me or read my blog, then you would know this is “tongue in cheek”…I am a very good listener and always there for people…

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