older women

15 Signs You Are Getting Old…er

how do we know we’re getting old, let me help…

older women

Do you think we’re old?

As usual this topic came up in conversation with some friends the other night at dinner. Well we really didn’t talk about getting older, we like to avoid that subject, but so many of our topics of conversation that night made me think about this. I thought about it the whole day and decided to put together this list of 15 signs you are getting old..er. So if you’re in doubt this may help.

1. You used to love going to crowded places like bars and concerts, but now if someone is even in the same aisle at the grocery store as you, it bugs you. Why is it so peoply everywhere these days?

2. You have to sit down to put on your socks or take off your pants. If you don’t you may fall over. Remember the days when we had perfect balance and could take these things off while standing up? Yeah, me neither cause I can’t remember a damn thing.

3. You print out the map quest directions when going somewhere you’ve never been before because you can’t see the tiny map or directions on your phone. And quite honestly I don’t trust those GPS things anyway. Remember those people who drove into the water cause the GPS told them to go straight…and they did… Straight into the water. Yeah, that ain’t happening to this girl.

4. When any of the music awards shows are on TV you don’t know who half the artists/bands are that are up for any of the awards. Really, who are these people and why haven’t I heard of them? I watch The Voice, I listen to the radio… I’m guessing listening to the oldies station doesn’t help.

5. When you get together these days with your high school friends… instead of talking about the cute guys you are dating you talk about your aching joints, back spasms, recent doctor visits and your upcoming cataract surgery. I want to talk about the cute guys I’m dating again…

6. You avoid people in the store when you see them because you can’t remember their name…and you know they remember your name because they did the last time you ran into them and till this day you still can’t remember theirs. It’s easier for everyone if you just avoid them altogether. 

7. Everyone is speeding by you on the highway. Remember when it was us speeding down the road yelling at all the old people to go faster or get off the road. Yeah. Karma…

8. When you can’t lose 5 pounds in one day anymore by just cutting out one  thing like soda or ice tea. Now I couldn’t lose 5 pounds in a year if i stopped eating entirely.

9. You tear up at almost anything these days. TV commercials, Hallmark movies, puppies, babies…Folgers commercials…yeah, I get all teary at coffee commercials..

10. Your sentences these days go something like this…”where is the thing that goes in the whatchamacallit?” And sadder still is the fact the “old” person you ask this question knows exactly what you are talking about.

11. You wish you could trade some of your body parts in on new ones. Your ears have gotten bigger, your hair has gotten thinner(some places have lost all of it) and your feet don’t look cute anymore, they look like something the Hulk walks on. And speaking of feet, no more high heels. You know I think maybe they are to blame for the “Hulk” feet.  Sneakers and really slippers are my best friends. 

12. You make those horrible old people sounds when you get up off the sofa. I remember looking in horror at my Grandfather when he did this. Now I do it. Where do these noises even come from? Do they help us to get up?

13. When you and a group of your friends are at dinner and every single one of you have special requests of the waiter when ordering your food. Can they hold the sauce.. is it gluten free… dressing on the side, please… what kind of oil is that fried in? You get the picture. Remember when we went to the old burger place and just ordered a burger and fries. No questions asked…those were the days…

14. You are filling something out online and it takes forever for you to scroll down to the year you were born. You could leave the room and get a coffee and come back and it would still be scrolling. Sometimes it doesn’t even go that far back, you have to fill the year in yourself….very disappointing.

15. And last but certainly not least…you have a note on your front door that says, “Did you remember your cell phone?” It was written by your grand daughter because you have forgotten yours so many times. And even worse is when you look at the note on your way out and still forget it.

That’s my list. I am sure there are many more you can think of. I would love you to leave some of them in the comments below. What’s a sign of growing old? And remember old is always 20 years older than we are….

“The older you get the better you get unless you’re a banana.” ~ Betty White

30 thoughts on “15 Signs You Are Getting Old…er

  1. My “get-up-and-go” definitely “got-up-and-went” when I hit 70 a couple years ago. I no longer have the stamina or strength to do much of anything lately. I recently read about the Italian surgeon who hopes to get approval to perform the first human head transplant by the end of this year, and now I’m waiting anxiously for this procedure to go mainstream so I can trade in my tired, old, broken down body for a new, completely heathy one! (Think any of us will live that long?!?!?)

    1. Aw, Sue, i hope you find you get up and go again…find something to make you happy and make you get out there again…we never know how long we have so we need to just try everyday….not too sure about the head transplant thing…

  2. Rene, every one of these are hysterical and sad at the same time, but so true! Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone and for giving me a laugh! Brenda

    1. Brenda, glad it gave you a laugh…we can’t be sad about these things, we have to embrace them and know we are strong and we are still here….fighting the good fight…

  3. Interesting that you mentioned the emotionalism because that tendency is one I’ve noticed in everyone. Oh, the posts I hide in my newsfeed to avoid a weepy start to the day.

  4. Too funny and too true .#9, If someone on TV is being interviewed and they tear up regardless of the topic, I tear up. I am becoming such an old cry baby!! My addition is knowing where the best and or any restroom is everywhere you go!

    1. Very true Haralee! We should make maps in all the states of where each restroom is, we would be millionaires…

  5. I can tick so many of these – especially number #1 and #8. When did I become a stocky introvert? I hate it when I go for a walk and I can see someone in front of me on the path – I get all stressed about catching up with them or even having to look at them – I’m definitely getting weirder with age too!

  6. #4 and #8 are so true. I do balance exercise but it only helps so much. I could add a couple of things, if only I could remember what they are. I’m so glad my co workers are also middle aged!

    1. Sorry I just saw this Alana, for some reason it was in the spam older. Thank you for commenting! And I got a new message on the back of my door yesterday since I once again forgot my phone!

  7. I’m commenting and I hope it posts! WTH!
    15 is a lot but I could identify with most!!!
    Peoply, good word! I’ll keep that in mind, I think!
    Yoga has helped my balance but I still hang on to half wall or sit down. I know of an older lady that broke her nose falling down while trying to put on her slacks! My close vision is good so I navigate and hubs drives. I only listen to Oldies & The Coffee House. We’re up to #5!! You had so many, I’ll listen to your monologue! Driving: I only go speed limit or 5 over so it’s them not us and I hope they get tickets! If my clothes fit, I don’t step on the scale! I’ll never be thin again! Tear Up- absolutely at ‘the drop of a hat’! #10: it’s a girl thing! No switching out body parts except for a tiny lens in my eye! The other parts would look worse by comparison ! #12 Why do you think I have a dog? #13 not a problem for me…..yet!
    14 is a reminder of our age and yes the scrolling goes on forever! Ugh! Last one: Guilty- left it on the floor in a friend’s car Thursday night because I missed the special place for it in my purse and only saw it because the light went on when I got out!! Bahaha!!
    Good job on the list! You nailed it!
    Looking forward to your next blog, Renee!

  8. Getting older can be viewed as being a bummer but then we have the value of perspective. The mind is ready to domany things but the body serves as the brakes of the body. Good post.

  9. OMG Renee! Baaaaahahahaha!! This is your best yet. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My addition would be the horror of coughing, sneezing, laughing and sometimes just standing up without ‘protection’. 😳

    1. Deb, I was going to put that one in too but said only 15…glad you added it! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. Lol agree with all but the last one. I never forget my cell haha. #5 made me LOL cause Wednesday when we had our breakfast get together conversation turned into HEALTH and death and finally Jeff and I said STOP haha. Seems like that’s all we talk about anymore!! As for what what sign I think of….. only OLD MEN hit in me anymore 😜😜😜. Love your writing. It’s awesome!! Ohhhh and no Heels for damn sure!!!

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