friends at a birthday party

“You’ve Got A Friend”

Another song from James Taylor…and more.

friends at a birthday party

my birthday party..don’t I look happy..LOL!!

I am the little girl in the middle of all my friends, the one with the non smiling face…in fact I look mad.  I think it was due to the fact that Mom always invited EVERYONE to my birthday parties, not just the friends from school I wanted to invite. I am happy to say I am still friends with some of these kids. Some have moved out of state and one has passed away, but a few of my childhood friends are still in my life and I give thanks every day that they are.

I have lost so many people in the past few years, so the people I have left are very dear to me. If you have one good friend you have everything. I am blessed to have many. I was thinking about this last night after spending the day with some of these friends. I have been going through some stuff lately and then after hearing one of my dear friends lost her father  yesterday, it once again reminded me how precious life is and to savior each and every moment we have.

I spent the entire day yesterday with friends. We had lunch and then after chatting for awhile we went back to one of their houses and had pie and wine. What an amazing thing, what’s not to like about that? Pie and wine…I think that should be a “thing.” Let’s make it a thing…a weekly thing…a daily thing…ok, I’m getting carried away now, but it “was” awesome. And the most awesome part was that we were just sitting around eating, drinking and laughing… telling stories of when we were in high school together and how and when we first met each other.

We couldn’t even believe how quickly the day had slipped away and when we checked it was near dinner time. Hadn’t we just met at noon and where had the day gone? So we said our goodbyes and left only to have me and my friend who drove me back to my car sit in her car for 2 hours and talk some more. The hours slipped by like seconds and we only realized how long we were sitting there when a couple came out of the restaurant we were parked near and got in their car next to us. A couple that had pulled up when we first pulled in the parking lot. I said oh my, they got here, went in, ate and are finished, how long have we been sitting here? It had been 2 hours and she wasn’t tired of hearing me talk.That’s a friend.

We said our goodbyes again and I headed out for my hour drive home. I smiled the whole way home thinking of what a wonderful day I just had talking and sharing our life stories. And in that hour drive home I also thought about what makes these friendships I have now so different. Why do I treasure them so much and when I was younger even though my friends were important to me…I just took them for granted and thought that they would somehow just always be there. We talked about that a little yesterday at my friend’s house and said it is because at our age, and after losing so many in our lives…we now know how precious life is and so we value the friendships and the friends and time spent together even more.

So what makes a friend a good friend? I thought a lot about this on the way home as well and here are a few things I came up with.

A friend is someone who is there for you during the happy times of course, but then they are there for you during the worst times too. They are present for you when you need them most not just when you are having fun or it is convenient to be your friend.

A friend is someone you could call at 1am if you needed to talk. And I have done this.

A friend is someone who would hold your hair if you were throwing up. Yeah this really happened…so I knew she was a keeper.

A friend is someone who walks in the rain with you. Doing a “walk” for a cause with you when you don’t have anyone else to do it with..and it’s raining.

A friend is someone who finds time to spend with you. If you need them they are there. Doesn’t matter how busy their life is… they will still find time for you.

A friend is someone who listens to you, really listens…not just sitting there waiting for you to finish talking so they can talk.

A friend is someone who loves you totally in spite of all your flaws. They “get” you and love you for who you really are. They don’t try to change you and they think your weirdness and craziness are some of the best parts of you. I think this one is very important in a friendship. If someone is constantly pointing out your flaws or trying to change you in even small ways…they aren’t a friend.

A friend is someone who makes being with you a priority not just a “sometime thing” when they don’t have anything better to do.

A friend is someone who comes back in your life after a long time and nothing has changed. You feel like no time has passed…everything is the same and you are able to just pick up where you left off. The craziness, the love…its all still there.

friend is someone who you are connected to in ways you don’t even understand. They just are. You can be thinking about them and they will suddenly call or text.

A friend is someone who “does” for you. They know what you need and they do it when you yourself don’t even know you need it.

A friend is someone who helps you move. More than once. I hate moving and I know moving other people is even worse so a friend that helps you move even one time is a blessing and a real friend.

This is just my short list of what friendship means to me. I hope my friends think I do some of these things for them. I do try hard to be a good friend, but I am going to try even harder. I love the friends I have in my life now but I have also had to let go of some friendships this past year. Losing a child has changed me, I am not the same person I was before. I am truly sorry this has happened and it makes me sad…but it is just the way it has to be for now. I love my tribe of friends and hope we have many more great times to come. One thing I learned yesterday… its fun to have new experiences in your life at the ripe old age of 67…and having wine and pie with good friends is one of them.

What do you think makes a friend a good friend? I’d love to hear your comments.

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest…It’s about who came and never left your side.” ~ Unknown

24 thoughts on ““You’ve Got A Friend”

  1. What a wonderful post. And so true-a friend doesn’t have to be someone you see everyday. But someone who, when are together, time never passed.
    And pie and wine? The second time today I have read that combo! Must try it soon!

  2. Thank you Renee after losing my best. Friend and husband and also two of my best friends since first grade , I cherish my friends and am so grateful you are one of them, sorry I missed the pie and wine lol, take care long lost friend, I love you

    1. Bev, wish you could have been there for the wine and pie..both were delicious. I am grateful for your friendship too, both long ago and now..Love you too!

  3. I feel blessed to have lots of friends. Few real close as you described but at least 4or 5 who would be there no matter what. Love hearing of your awesome day!! ❤❤❤

  4. Your have a strong sense of survival. You gravitate toward those who truly are your friends and know how to let the toxic ones go. And you embrace the fun. A satisfying fulfilled life includes fun and laughter. Those friends can make you laugh at the worst of times.

  5. LOVE that photo! I feel blessed to have a group of wonderful friends, some going back to high school (I moved around a lot during grade school, so don’t have a lot of connections from those earlier years). Life would be so bleak without women friends…and that sense of picking up right where you left off after not seeing someone for a long time is just priceless. I’m looking forward to an evening out with some friends tomorrow…

  6. Your list is perfect! Definitely a friend that can listen to you for hours is a special thing…just recently talked with my BFF til 4 in the morning! It was great!

    1. Thanks Heather! But at least you didn’t have to talk to her out in the cold this time…nothing like our friends…

  7. I had very few friends growing up but I had cousins I loved dearly. I’m still friends with my college buds and I’ve made several good friends through my adult years. If it weren’t for my friends, I think I’d be completely lost or insane by now. They are supportive and encouraging. They hold me accountable without being judgmental. They bring me out of a sad day and they listen to my nonsense. Even when we don’t talk for a while, I know they are there. I’m not sure what I bring to the table, but they mean the world to me.

    1. Pam I know, I don’t know where I would be without my friends. and I’m sure you bring them the same if not more…I know this just from knowing you a short while…Oh my, I reread this and I certainly have a lot of “knows” in this one run on sentence…my you know what I mean…:)

  8. I love your list! I cherish my girlfriends. My BFF died last year and I miss her so much because of all the qualities you list. 🙁 The picture is great.

  9. I just wished a FB Happy Birthday to a friend I’ve been friends with since birth (our mums were friends from their school days) I have a really strong clutch of friends who I value dearly – and a few I’ve discarded along the way due to lack of loyalty or integrity. Both qualities are very high on my friendship scale.

    1. I so agree with this Leanne..I don’t do drama anymore and “real” friends are important to me now more than ever.

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