Do We Have Too Much Crap?

well I do and where does it all come from…


yes, I said crap…

Since the weather was so warm this week it tricked me into thinking Spring was here, and because of that I decided to do a little Spring cleaning…Now if you know me at all you also know I hate to clean, so I have to pounce on these moments when they happen. And believe me they don’t happen very often.

For some reason, things in my closet seem to multiply. I really don’t understand this. I was just talking to my friends about this very thing and they agreed it happens to them too. The question is… “How” does this happen? Do little gnomes sneak in while I am sleeping and put stuff there… because I know I couldn’t have purchased all this crap. Ok, it isn’t really crap, some of it is really nice stuff. There is just way too much of it in my teeny closet.

I do feel like I just went through all of this about a year ago. Sorting through clothing, shoes, boots and handbags, getting rid of what no longer made me feel joyful. I have heard this quote on many occasions… “Discard everything that does not spark joy.” ~ Marie Kondo  I am not ever sure I can do that totally… How can I get rid of the washing machine or the stove? Anyway, my point being is it is hard to get rid of some things you may have gotten attached to or maybe thought you would wear to that wonderful event in your head that has never happened.

I decided to start with shoes and boots. I made a brilliant discovery while doing this…if you keep shoes and boots in boxes and can not see what is in those boxes, you will never wear them, And when you open aforementioned boxes, you may be quite surprised to see a pair of boots you bought 3 years ago on sale at the end of the season and have never ever worn. Note: this may or may not have happened to me… I could not believe how many pairs of shoes I had and many I have never even worn. I went through them like a crazy woman, throwing into a pile the ones I will donate and others to people I think might want them only keeping the ones that bring me “joy.”

“If you always add and never subtract, you will eventually bury yourself.”~ Peter Walsh

When I moved to this house 9 years ago I got rid of everything that didn’t make me happy or bring me “joy,” I really purged, I figured what better time to do this and there was no reason to take things I no longer loved to the new house. It was so sparse in the new abode, The basement was clean as a new born babe. I had listened to Peter Walsh’s advice about how we move boxes to new houses and never even look inside to see what we are moving. He also advised that if you had things saved from your family members who were no longer with you, to go through them and keep just one thing from the box, but display it. I thought this was good advice and I did that. It was hard getting rid of my grandmothers dishes but now I have one sitting on my dresser in my bedroom with a candle on it. I can actually see that every night and think of her.

But I digress, back to the task at hand. The shoes, boots and handbags are finished… its on to the clothing. This I’m afraid is taking much longer than the accessories. My underwear drawer alone is a daunting task to be had. There are so many different sizes and so many different types in there it is a little scary. Who is going to wear all this crap? Who did I buy these for? Ok, let’s leave that discussion for another day and maybe a therapist.

Last year I made a decision that if I purchased anything new I would get rid of two things I had. I did this for a few months and it was working. I don’t know what happened to that plan but I have now started doing it again. First of all I want to state right here and now and want you all to hold me to this…I do not now or ever in the next few years need a pair of shoes or boots…well that might be a little over the top, I may need a pair of sneakers…walking sneakers…they do wear out. and I walk a lot. But as far as clothing, styles come and go and we do need new things every now and then to perk us up and make us feel fresh and “in style”… I don’t know about the rest of you but at this age I need all the “perking up” I can get.

I don’t know if this is normal or if others tend to do this,  but I seem to get the same things over and over. If I find a certain type of shoe or sweater I am drawn to buy more of that same kind. I don’t know what that says about me or why I do this. I blame it on my Mom. I told my daughter recently maybe we should just take a picture of something we think is cute instead of buying it, that way we can look at it without the expense. She didn’t seem to like this idea. I just know I can’t keep up with all this “crap”.  I had a rough year last year and maybe all this clutter is a sign of that. I need to clear out the crap and get on with my life. This year will be all about clearing out and “healing”…

I will let you know how the closet cleaning is going and by the way if you don’t hear from me for awhile I may be lost in there and can’t find my way out. Please check on me…

Do you do this? Do you have too much crap? How do you keep it under control? I really hope I’m not the only one, let me know in the comments.

“Collect moments, not things” ~ Unknown



16 thoughts on “Do We Have Too Much Crap?

  1. For 28 years we lived in one house, and the crap accumulated was just mine blowing. 20 years ago I decided I needed a change, so we moved into a new townhouse. Crap was reduced, sort of. And crap to me is not my clothes. This was crap from years of flea markets, yard sales, and estate auctions. We were, are, junkers. In the new house, 20 years later, we have more crap now than we did after 28 years in the old house. A one car garage, where 2 cars can be parked end to end, is full of crap. No cars are in the garage. I think my husband and I are crap junkies. Oh, by the way, clothes; I still have my junior prom dress, senior prom dress, and of course my wedding dress & veil. Talk about crap, I have crap out the ying yang.

    1. Well thanks Bonnie, you made me feel better…and believe me I have more than just clothes, shoes and handbags….

  2. We have been attempting to do this this winter. I’ve been here 32 years. In the attic are things my ex left being, things my son didn’t want to take along when he moved, and tons of things my hubby brought in that was in Hus house. I actually don’t have much of my own… Purged the other year! Problem is, hubby brings down a box or two at a time to go through. Some things get thrown out but what he keeps.. He leaves in our living space. Work in progress.. Both clean up and hubby! Sh!!!!!!!lol

  3. When I moved to my house I purged too. It was about 100 degrees and whatever I threw out didn’t have to be moved. This house is so much bigger than the last so between the purging and the bigger house, there was so much space I remember thinking I’d never fill all the drawers and cabinets. All of which are now stuffed.

  4. Yes, we had way too much crap before we moved south… I felt just like a closet hoarder (get it?) So glad that part of my life is history! Moving is the best excuse to get beyond all that junk from your past..

  5. I have been ‘spring cleaning’ for several weeks too…my spare bedroom now sits with at least 6 bags of clothes, some comforters,and lots of other items, just waiting to be picked up and given to someone needy. in fact, i’m waiting for my friends to come today to PICK IT UP and get it out of here, so i can continue CLEANING. i have much MORE to do trust me. Amazing, cause i cleaned out 5 yrs ago when i moved, amazing how STUFF grows, lol. but i know that someone in need will love what they find…some with price tags. i’ve never been a shoe person, so won’t be helping there much though, I honestly do need to go shopping with my xmas gift card and get a cute pair of black boots. And like you…it don’t happen often, hahaha, so cleaning lately, i’m patting myself on the back. love ya.

  6. Ah! This one really hit a nerve! I don’t understand it either! When we moved into our new home in 2009 practically everything was new. It was exciting to shop for furniture, household items, clothing, the whole ‘schabang’!It was like a dream come true! We didn’t have it go through our old stuff and decide what to keep and what to pitch. I thought 7 outfits for each season is all I need plus some exercise and gardening clothes. No special clothes needed for ‘ironing’! So how is it that a little over 7 years later, I still have nothing to wear? I give up! I’ll let you or one of your many blog readers, enlighten me! I sure need it! Maybe this is why I deal with vertigo !!!

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