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Ten Stupid Questions Retail Workers Get Asked

and its worse at Christmas…

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Working retail is never really a whole lot of fun but this time of the year brings out the best or worst in people and sadly it is usually the latter. There are nice customers and some are even kind. It does seem as though if I am really nice to them and smiling it can somehow turn their nastiness around and they even wind up thanking me for my kindness and help. Most of the time though it is hard to smile and be kind.

With all that being said, here are some of the stupid questions they ask…

  1. Is there a Macy’s in New York?  I couldn’t believe this guy even asked that question. I thought he was joking until I said, are you serious.. and I saw by his expression he definitely was…serious that is.
  2. Why don’t you have any more(insert whatever you want here) left? Um, because you waited until the last minute to buy them. And I told you when you were here last week we only had a few left and yet here you are wondering why we don’t have any.
  3. Do you work here? If I’m standing behind the counter with a name tag on…then yes, most likely I work here.
  4. Where is the restroom? Well if you would look up at the sign above your head you would see it it is right down there. (this is what I want to say, but don’t) And I get this questions a million times a day. Seriously..I do.
  5. Can I get this for $50 instead of $98?  No this isn’t a yard sale, this is a department store. Sorry.
  6. I’m not sure what door to go out to the parking lot, can you help me? I think you need more help than I can give but I will try. What did you see when you came in the door, shoes, clothes, etc? Answer: Oh, I don’t remember. My answer back: Well maybe just go out all the doors until something looks familiar.
  7. Can I pay cash for this?  Yes, we do still take cash.
  8. Will you wrap this for me?  I just laugh and laugh when I get this question. I don’t wrap my gifts at home, I’m not wrapping yours. Seriously, here is my answer…they don’t offer gift wrapping in the store anymore but I will give you a gift bag.
  9. Can you throw this trash away for me? Oh, of course I’d be happy to take your germ infested Starbucks cup that you just coughed all over. No problem.
  10. Do you have kitties? Disclaimer: I may or may not have heard this guy right? But I said, No we don’t.


Well there are definitely more than 10 but I have to get to work. I hope you are not guilty of asking any of these questions. If you work in retail I would love to hear some of the stupid questions you may have heard from customers. Thanks for reading and say a prayer for me.

“Working retail at Christmas is fun.” ~ said no one ever….

20 thoughts on “Ten Stupid Questions Retail Workers Get Asked

  1. I worked in a fabric store for 3 years, and this customer is burned into my memory. She came into the store on December 20 looking for french terrycloth, to make her husband a bathrobe for Christmas. I explained to her that the only terrycloth we carried was in the baby fabrics, and that what she was looking for was a specialty item that no fabric store carries. She wasn’t satisfied with my answer, and became even more upset when I suggested (polar) fleece as an alternative: “Ugh, no! That sfuff’s horrible!” All I could say was, “I’m sorry, we just don’t stock french terrycloth.” She glared at me and snapped, “Well, you just don’t have much, do you,” and stormed out.

  2. OMG. Frontline workers are the unsung heroes of retail! I worked waiting tables when I was in high school and my favorite (as in most ridiculous) question was “Will I like this?” I always wanted to reply, “HTF should I know???” Fun post!

  3. So funny! It’s been a long time since I’ve worked in retail, but “is that going to be on sale anytime soon” is one that I still roll my eyes at. Like you have a crystal ball!

    1. Yep, get that one all the time Rena! Sometimes they are funny but sometimes you really want to say what you are thinking…LOL…

  4. Oh you made me laugh!! Even though our company is online it is still retail and here are a few of the questions I got this Christmas season via email or on the phone. “Will these pajamas make my wife look sexy?” ” Do I have to wash these pajamas?” I have the luxury of not having to control my face but I still have to try to answer without laughing. Our intern asked a guy to repeat his question, and just gave the phone to me saying it was above her pay grade to answer: “Will this make my wife happy?” I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.
    Hang in there, the end is in sight and then the returns!!

    1. That is hysterical Haralee! “Do I have to wash these pajamas???” What is wrong with people..dont bother to answer that..and actually today is my last day before Christmas..I am headed to Vermont to be with my daughter and grands….so Yay me.

  5. Years and years and years in retail here. And, since I don’t celebrate Christmas, years and years and years of Christmas Eve working.
    Thankfully since I didn’t have holiday frazzle I was able to keep my sense of humor 🙂

    1. Then you know what I’m talking about Carla…I’m sure you have some stories…I recently just went back so it is hard.

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