“Workin’ For A Livin”

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No, I don't work here...

No, I don’t work here…Thank goodness!

“I’m taking what they giving cause I’m working for a livin”…while their grammar and spelling isn’t exactly up to par, this sums up my feelings today. Thanks Huey!

I retired last year after getting laid off from a job I loved and had hoped to retire from, just not when that particular company decided it was time for me to go. After it happened, I thought you know what maybe this is a good thing. I had worked long enough and really didn’t want to work anymore. I started writing this blog and loved it. I was spending more time with my family, my grandkids and my friends and it was enough. I was enjoying my forced retirement. I was enjoying my life. All of that changed a little over a month ago when my son passed away. I suddenly had too much time on my hands and all that extra time caused me to think and I didn’t want to think. It was too painful to think.

So I made a decision. I decided to go back to work. Look I’m not crazy.. I’m not going to work everyday and I’m not going to work long hours but I want to get out of the house and make a little extra money since the social security thing isn’t all its cracked up to be. Well, at least in my case. I was a stay at home Mom for a long time and then waitressed for many years. You don’t make a big pay check waitressing, you make money with the tips you get, and we didn’t have to claim them back then. Hence the reason I am not making big bucks being on social security.

My main reason for going back though is the interaction with people. The customers and the people I will be working with every day. I love being out among people. I really missed that since being laid off. So I called an old boss of mine and asked her if she could use my help and to my surprise she was overjoyed that I was even thinking of coming back. I met with her today and we got caught up on what was going on in our lives and went over my schedule. I told her I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and go crazy so we are starting out slow. This is a retail job and can get a bit chaotic so I want to see how it goes.

“Concentrate on your job and you will forget your other troubles.” ~ William Feather

Reading that quote above…I don’t know that working again will make me forget all my troubles or make me miss my son any less but it will give me a few hours where I won’t think about it non stop. Because you can only clean and wash so much. And I am still thinking even while doing that. Also this whole work thing could be really good for me. I just read an article on CNN’s website, it was about older workers and said that working around 25 hours a week was linked to an improvement in their cognitive performance, but more than 25 shows a decrease. Not planning to work more than 25, that’s for sure. I don’t want my cognitive performance to suffer. I’m thinking maybe one to two days a week is good for now. After all it is called work for a reason.

Websters definition of “work” – a job or activity that you do regularly especially in order to earn money. Well, yeah, why else would you work? I know some people don’t do it for the money, they do it because they love whatever it is they are doing. I’ve heard it said, if you love what you do it isn’t work. I have heard this statement made many times and Steve Jobs said, “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Unfortunately, the things I love to do just don’t earn me any money. Things like reading, lunch with friends, writing this blog…or eating ice cream and potato chips. By the way, if I got paid for any of those I would be a millionaire just on the chips eating thing alone.

We will see how this whole going back to work thing goes. Going there today felt right. We’ll see if it still feels like that around Christmas.

I leave you as always with a question and a quote.

Do you enjoy working? If you are retired would you consider going back to work, even for a few hours a week? I love reading your comments.

“Work hard so you can shop harder.” – Unknown (now this is one quote about work I can wrap my head around)





22 thoughts on ““Workin’ For A Livin”

  1. I just finished college and started working full time – and I’m not sure I’m enjoying it! It takes up so much of my time, I’m struggling to fit in all the other things I love to do. I’m hoping it will become easier with time, but at the moment I wish I only worked for a few days a week… you’ll have to keep us updated on whether you manage to keep up with your ice cream and potato chip consumption.

    1. Good luck to you, it is hard to figure it all out! And I’m pretty sure I will keep up with the potato chip and ice cream consumption…LOL

  2. I am pushing the young age of 71, and I am still working. Do I love my job? Well, you know if I had oodles of money, probably not. But I don’t have oodles of money. So why am I still working? Because I do not have oodles of money, and my husband is retired. And he is pushing 70.

      1. No it is not too much. I have been with my present employer since 1974, and I am the
        Grandma of the department, probably of the company. I like what I have to do, but am very vocally critical of what I have to do. I mean REALLY? Like I said, if I had oodles of money I would not be there. Problem is, I don’t have oodles of money.

  3. I am sorry for your loss, which is one of the hardest things that can happen to someone. I do enjoy my job, and when I thought about it a year or two ago, I realized a lot of my enjoyment was in the interaction with co workers. But guess what. Those around my age are starting to retire. One younger than me is retiring at the end of the year. Talk about peer pressure. I don’t have many friends, but many are retired now. My husband has a highly physical job and, in the past few months, he is more and more tired and more and more hurting. If he retires, will I want to retire? Retail is tough work; good luck with your decision!

    1. Thank you Alana! I have worked this job for many years and can basically say when I want to work and when I don’t. If it gets too hectic or customers are mean I can leave, so it is perfect for this time in my life. Also the money is great for a part time job. So I am going to do it and if I find something else that is perfect I may do that! i love that at this point in my life I have options. Thanks again and good luck in your decision making as well!

  4. First of all, I am so sorry to hear about your son. I can’t imagine the pain and heartache. And, I agree, getting out of the house, engaging with people, is a good way to put the grief away for a few hours. No, it doesn’t magically heal you, but it gives you a little break from thinking about it. I, too, have no plans to retire completely–I just hope to be able to do something I enjoy, but that doesn’t stress me out too much. My dad retired three times. He said he couldn’t get the hang of it–and my mom rejoiced every time he went back to work because being together 24/7 was driving her crazy! 🙂

    1. Thank you Lee! I have a few friends that were very happy when their spouse went back to work. I am looking forward to meeting new people and just getting out of the house.

  5. I’m happy for ya and hope you enjoy. I have thought about it…maybe 3 seconds, lol, but I’m a lucky one with SS and pension and honestly have gotten so lazy in the last 14 years that NO, I wouldn’t consider it, unless it be with someone who I know real well and for short hours in the afternoon or evening. The thought of getting up and DRESSING first thing…sorry, it don’t happen unless I’m golfing or going on my casino trips. My brother retired last October on a Thursday…had a big retirement party for him, he had 42 yrs in York International. Well MONDAY, he started working PT as a consultant..said maybe 3 days a week…guess what they had him there 5 days and week…I said you ain’t retired, lol. He did it till December and then said NAH. But now he drives a delivery van 3 days a week and he loves it, maybe 5 hrs a day I guess, but he gets to be out and about and meets people. So For SOME, I think its great. ME…NOPE, ain’t in the cards 🙂 I hope your ENJOY what you’re doing and its profitable for ya and keeps your mind active and off the sad things. Love ya girlfriend. CONGRATS

    1. I get it Susie, but for me, its not so much the money but the interaction with people and just getting out of the house…

  6. First of all, I am so sorry to hear about your son. And second of all, congratulations on doing what’s right for you….may you find happiness and healing out in the working world. My best to you.

  7. Hi Renee!! To answer your question, no, I don’t think I’d go back to work BUT one should never say never! This blog certainly made me think, ‘what WOULD I do if I needed to go back to work’ & I have no idea! I’ve joked about being in a ‘no thinking’ job like being a greeter at Walmart cause I did enough ‘thinking’ when I was working & my brain is tired. LOL I’m glad you have something to go back to, though! It is an enjoyable job for the most part – you’re fortunate! I would have to be careful how many hours if I did go back cause it would affect my social security income. They get you one way or the other. Enjoy yourself The very busy season is soon upon us! Hopefully all your clients will be gracious & appreciative! Thank you for another good blog!

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