Hey, I Still Know Stuff…

I may be getting older but I still know a little something

Listen to me kid..

Listen to me kid..

Do all the young whippersnappers around you make you feel old or like you don’t know anything? Do you sometimes feel left out of conversations at dinners or a party because of your age? Do you feel you are totally dismissed, like you couldn’t possibly have a clue at “your age” of anything remotely relevant to the subject. Or worse, when you do finally have a chance to comment, you get the “eye roll.”

There have been several occasions lately where I felt this way. Maybe it was just me and the way I was feeling at the time or could it be I took the comments the wrong way, but it seems like this happens all too frequently these days. I have heard some of my friends talking about this and have seen comments on social media where the “older generation” is made fun of or mocked because how could they possibly know about anything current or interesting. I personally have felt it in a store and on the phone with a company I was dealing with.

It is all a little disconcerting to be treated in this way. To hear comments such as, “well that was then and this is now,” or “yes, I know they did it like that back in your day, but this is the way we do it in today’s world.” They may as well throw in “you old geezer” when saying these things because you know it is what they are thinking. It makes me angry to be treated like I don’t know anything or that I am incompetent because I am a certain age, it is the same way I felt when I was growing up and was treated at times like I couldn’t possibly know anything because I was a girl.

We should never be too quick to judge people on what they know just by looking at them. Nor should a whole generation be judged by their age. My generation, The Baby Boomers have gone through so many times and eras of change and revolution. We changed the world back then and we are changing it now. We have been through and seen so much and come out on the other side and in doing so we may have just gained a tiny bit of knowledge that we can pass along in today’s much different world.

“Age is not how old you are, but how many years of fun you’ve had.” -Matt Maldre

Our generation did not have all the electronics that we have today. We didn’t have computers or even calculators. So we had to learn all of this later in life. Kids today from the moment they are born are electronically connected and they know how to do things we are just learning to do. I have taught myself how to do most things by trial and error and believe me there were a lot of errors. But that is how you learn and continue to grow. I started this blog and had to learn so many things about how to get it out there for the world to even read it. I amazed myself at what I had a accomplished and that I did it all by myself. So I know a little about some stuff.

We should not be dismissed, we are still relevant. We know stuff. We know a little about a lot and we know a lot about a little. These wrinkles you mention mean I have been many places. These age spots you focus on mean I have lived and done things you will never do. These old eyes you look into have seen things…some wonderful and some I hope you will never see. When you look at us try to see what is really there. Try to see us as a whole person and see where we’ve come from and what we brought along with us. See us as having something valuable to offer. We may surprise you.

I remember growing up and listening to my grandfather for hours on end thinking he was the smartest man I ever knew. He had been through so much in his life and had so many wonderful stories and such valuable information to share that I just wanted to soak up everything he told me. I hung on his every word and loved listening to him.  And I don’t remember ever rolling my eyes during one of these conversations, not even once. Do the kids today even care about what we have to tell them? Do they want to hear our stories? I hope so.

So what do you think about this? Do you feel like the younger generation thinks we are no longer relevant? How do we change this? The bigger question is, should we even try?

We are relevant and we know stuff! Just ask us, we’ll tell you!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~ C.S. Lewis


30 thoughts on “Hey, I Still Know Stuff…

  1. I love this! I definitely think there’s a lack of appreciation as kids but when you get older that’s when you really start to see the bigger picture. I love talking to my grandparents and hearing their stories, especially the times before all of the modern day conveniences!

  2. I am lucky. As a nurse, I work side by side with people younger than my own children, doing the same jobs. Sometimes I am the educator and other times they are. There is absolutely a difference in how we work, and attitude towards work. My husband and I were eating dinner at a local bar, near my hospital where a lot of students as well as professionals hang out. We were in accidental eavesdropping distance of some guys having an extremely meaningful conversation about something very inconsequential. We both laughed with the realization that, while we too have these ‘serious’ convos, we recognize that they are only actually less than earth changing. The difference being that when we were young, we didn’t notice. Sort of that ‘ah the folly of youth’. Truthfully, I only really feel out of touch when I read a gossip magazine – I don’t recognize ANYONE!

    1. I am lucky too Laura, thankfully most of the people I hang out with truly love to hear what I have to say…most of the time anyway.. Thank you for your comments!

  3. Not all of course, but most young people, just want to pat us on the shoulder, nod their heads and smile like I’m a two year old and have never experienced to done anything in my life.

    1. Thank you for your comments Joanie! I don’t care about most people but I do care if it is from people who are friends or family…then yes it does bother me…

  4. I still tell them my opinion even if they through it away. I always enter into all conversations even if I am not asked. That is my personality not all do this. I am who I am. Love this Miss Hellion

  5. I’m in love with your spirit!!! I suggest, next time, you throw a drink of the darkest, deepest colour you can find the at the person who rolls their eyes at you, and when you’ve got the room’s attention, you quietly comment ‘Rolling your eye is bad manners, dear. And keep in mind that I’m only old, not in dearth of hands.’ and walk out. That’ll teach them a lesson! Its cruel but I think I would do something like that when I grow old!!!

    1. I will keep that comment in mind next time someone rolls their eyes at me… LOL! And Thank you so much for your comments.

  6. This is one of my favorite blogs that you’ve shared!! I really can’t add much of anything to what you’ve already said EXCEPT, my Dad, bless his heart, when he was in assisted living, started to write things down – memoirs, if you will, & I have some of them in my possession. I haven’t read through all of his notes but I will. I am so thankful that he did this. His notes include everything from meeting & falling in love with my Mother & their years of romance to his time in the Army Air Corps, which is what it was called when he was serving, & all the wonderful fellow soldiers he met & kept in contact with over the many, many years. I remember names of some of his Army buddies – they were like brothers not just fellow comrades. My Mother also kept notes of many things such as the ‘fellows’ she was attracted to in high school & their descriptions & how much she liked them – Dad was at the top of the list!! 🙂 When we would go on trips she kept notes as to where we stopped for gas, how much it cost per gallon, how many miles we’d travelled to that point, where we’d stay & how much it cost & the time of day we did all these things. I could never understand why she did this so diligently but boy, am I happy she did. It is so interesting to go over all of their notes & their feelings at the time. My point being, make notes for your children & hopefully, some day, they’ll appreciate what we have learned and passed on to them – & prayerfully they’ll pass it on to their children. We absolutely DO know ‘stuff’ even if it doesn’t originate with us. I guess I’ve rambled a bit but I wish I’d have asked a lot more questions of my parents cause, sadly, now there is no one to ask.

    Love this blog, Renee!! Keep on sharing. I can tell it gives you JOY!! 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts about your parents Dinah! And it does bring me so much JOY! <3

  7. Absolute quality…and how brilliant you are using tech to get the oldsters viewpoints across to the fledglings…used to be an adage you can’t put an old head on new shoulders….seems to me the reasoning behind that has been lost…according to my teens ‘I know nothing’ which is fine, eldest is doing GCSEs right now and I’ve got three degrees but hey ho 🤔

    Love this blog…. so keep it up 🙃

    1. Thank you so much Gary for the kind words and your comments! We do know a little something don’t we?

      1. You are most welcome, and yes we do…mostly when something needs fixing, tech says no or there is a technical question such as “is there enough water in the kettle?” 👻

  8. we may be OLDER, but we sure are WISER than todays youth. And no we didn’t grow up with the fancy gadgets they have today, we actually learned the hard way and personally, I think we’re better for it. I love the NEW FOUND electronics, can’t imagine NOT having them, but we have good memories from our old black and white 13″ TVs, lol. Kids today are so spoiled…just bugs me to death. I love my grands and greats to pieces, but Oh My, I know I won’t be around to watch them TRY TO MANAGE life when they hit 20 years old, they are so spoiled and used to being handed things…just irritates me to death. But I’m getting off the topic, lmao…that happens when you’re OLD and forgetful 🙂 Yeah we sometimes get “dismissed” when we comment or whatever, but luckily there are some who still value our insights.

  9. Unfortunately I think this happens with each generation and as we all get older. I so wish it would change and wonder how we can do that. Elders hold such knowledge and wisdom, they should be listened to and respected.

    1. I don’t know how to change it Liz, but maybe if we all try a little more it will catch on. I do tell my grandkids to have more respect, and I tell them if they don’t they don’t get it back…Thanks for commenting.

  10. Yep! I have personally witnessed people treating their elders as if they have no idea what they’re talking about… They’ve been through it before us, give them some credit! Sheesh!

  11. I went through that recently. It irritated me. The young girls just dismissed my opinion. I keep thinking karma is a bitch.

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