Mom’s Jewelry Box

It really isn’t just a box….


My daughter gave this to me last week. Mom’s jewelry box. I last saw it when we were cleaning out my parents house to get it ready to sell. At the time I only quickly glanced inside and put it in the box of things to save. When I opened it again last week a wave of memories came flooding back. As a young girl I loved playing in this box and the others Mom had in her bedroom. I tried on the earrings, necklaces and bracelets and as well as her clothes. But it was the jewelry that gave me the most pleasure. Wearing it and parading around the house in it made me feel like a queen.

I got every piece out of “the box” and was immediately taken back to a time and place where Mom had worn the item I now held in my hand. As I gently felt each one I could also feel Mom beside me. It was as if she was right there with me, telling me the stories I was remembering so vividly. She had several jewelry boxes and a ton of jewelry, both “real” and costume in each and every one of them. Mom had diamonds and pearls and every other kind of gemstone that my dad had given her for birthdays and Christmas. She loved all of her jewelry equally but it is the costume pieces that are etched in my mind and when I think of her I picture her wearing them.

I think the earrings are what I remember most of all. She wore the largest earrings of any one I ever knew. Mom never got her ears pierced so she wore clip earrings. She looked great in them. Always matching them to the outfit she chose to wear that day. I can picture this like it was yesterday and so do others evidently. To this day, I have people come up to me and tell me what they remember most about my mom was her large earrings. Whenever I look at pictures of her, in every single one of them she has her “large earrings” on. . She did have a knack of picking just the right ones and she could totally pull off the look! It was her trademark and she wore it well.

The next day I shared the jewelry box with my grand daughter and she just loved looking at all of the pieces of beautiful jewelry. She picked them up with such care and held them while I told her stories that went along with each one. I just knew she would love this as much as me… and she did!  I gave her a piece to remember her great grandma. And I know she will treasure it forever, just as I do.

I miss my Mom so much but I love that just opening a “box” can give you such pleasure and so many wonderful memories. I love these memories of her and I’d be willing to bet she has her earrings on right now!


If you look closely in the picture above, you can see Mom’s “large earrings”…


Did someone you know have a trademark item? Do you?


10 thoughts on “Mom’s Jewelry Box

  1. What a neat memory, Renee!! I DO remember looking through & admiring my Mother’s jewelry – also, my Grandmother’s jewelry! Most of which was costume, especially my Grandmother’s jewelry was. I remember when we’d meet her in town to shop a little. Seems we’d always go into Wiest’s to their jewelry counter. I remember the trays of jewelry that were displayed on the glass countertops. In particular, I remember Grandma looking at the ‘crystal’ looking jewels that reflected a rainbow when the light or sun shone on them. She was fascinated with those! Mother, on the other hand, liked what I would call ‘regular’ jewelry. What she had was not expensive but was very stylish & she looked ‘MAHvelous, just like your Mother did!! I remember her earrings mostly, I guess. Usually they were clusters of something like pearls or she even had some made of tiny, tiny seashells. Like you, I would try them on & thought I was so grown up (I was probably 10)! Thanks for a wonderful story, Renee!! I loved it!

    PS – I also noticed that your wonderful picture was taken at the infamous Bon-Ton corner in town! Gosh, I miss the old downtown!

  2. Renee, As always your writing touched a special place in my heart! Yes, I do remember your mother’s “large earrings” and you certainly inherited your fashion flare from her. But, even more, you brought back memories that I had long forgotten of sitting on my mother’s bed and watching as she went through HER jewelry box to find just the right piece to add to an outfit. I’m sure most of it was costume jewelry but in my eyes she was so glamorous when she got “dressed up”. Thank-you for helping me slow down today and take time to remember.

  3. Awww, how cool. I don’t think my mom EVER wore jewelry, except a thin gold wedding band, honestly. She worked so much, home and waitressing, God Love her. We didn’t have the luxuries some people did, dirt poor, trust me. As for my jewelry box, OMG, hope no one ever has to go thru that, lol.

    1. We didn’t have much money either Susie, but my Dad worked 2 and 3 jobs to be able to provide for us..My Mom go most of her jewelry later in life..beleive me the costume jewelry she had wasn’t expensive.

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