kitty sleeping

I’m Tired…

not really the sleepy kind of tired…just tired!

kitty sleeping

I’m tired too…

There are so many things I’m tired of lately, so I decided to write them all down and then burn it..maybe it will make all the things I’m tired of go away…most likely it won’t but it will make me feel better to get it all out. Writing does that for me thankfully!

Ok, so here’s what I’m tired of…

The constant nonstop continuous RAIN… it has been raining here for at least a million days now…ok, maybe not a million but close..on a good note…my ark is almost complete. I have a question about this though..why in this day and age hasn’t someone, NASA, Richard Branson, that Musk guy…someone..anyone.. come up with a way to make this constant rain change its pattern and go west where they need it to  go and put out the fires….WHY?

Bad things happening to people I love… So many of my friends and family have had bad things happening to them lately. Divorce issues, illness, being in the hospital, a death in the family, expensive problems with their homes, car accidents, just to name a few…and this was all in the last week. Is it asking to much to go a day without something bad happening to someone I care about? Evidently it is!

The ants in my computer…yes, you read this right! I have ants coming out of my computer. I think they have built a nest and are living in there. One day I counted close to 30 coming out. I googled “ants in my computer” and thankfully I am not the only one. Someone posted, “it’s like the ants have a night club in my computer.” I need to take it in to the Apple techs, but my grandson said they will laugh me out of the place.


Gardening… I seriously hate to garden now. I used to love it and enjoyed my time working with the flowers and keeping the weeds out. No more. The Virginia Creeper vine moved into Maryland and has taken over my garden and my house as well. I have had 3 different landscape people here dig it out and its back in full force. So I’m can have my garden and my house!

Mean People… Why is everyone so mean and full of hate? When someone bumps into you now in a store or on the street they can’t even say, Sorry. Cause of course, it’s not their fault, it’s your fault for standing there. Could we just have some peace and love in the world again? Kumbaya!

GIFS and Emoticons… Ok, they are sometimes funny and yes, they have a time and a place and I have even sent them or commented with one a time or two myself…however, do you have to constantly use them instead of words….use your words people..nice words!


Thinking about what to make for dinner… I’ve been making dinners for over 50 years now. I’m tired of thinking about it, maybe if someone would just make me a monthly menu I could just make the things they have on it.  Nah…I’m tired of making it as well as thinking of what to make….

Drug company ads on TV… I really am tired of this one. I would vote that they can not advertise on TV anymore. Does anyone ever look at one of these ads and immediately call their doctor and say, “hey, I just saw this wonderful drug on TV and I want it.” Maybe they do…but then next year they will be part of the class action suit against said drug….

Spam Emails…. I have unsubscribed and blocked and sent to junk mail a million emails and the next day I get the same one I got the day before. Why do I keep getting Victoria’s Secret emails? I haven’t fit in a VS bra or panty in 10 years, maybe 20….and what, pray tell, is her damn secret?


My Itchy Skin… I don’t know if its the humid weather or heat but my skin has been the itchiest it has ever been. I think I have “prickly heat”, you know the stuff babies get… It gets to the point I could scratch it raw. I use baking soda powder, ointments, essential oils…all of which work…but nothing works for long.

The house I live in being haunted…ok, most of you that know me already think i’m crazy so what’s one more thing going to do. I think my house is haunted. I really do. I’ve have thought this from the day I moved in. And the person/people haunting it do not like me. They don’t hurt me physically but they make bad things happen. The house was built in 1892 so I’m sure some awful things have happened here and maybe a few angry souls are still floating about. I’m thinking of selling it…and the ghosts along with it!

Oh my, there are so many other things I’m tired of.. the every day tedious chores, the constant need for things to be fixed, doing wash, sweeping the floors, cleaning the stinkin bathroom…doing my hair, my nails, flossing my teeth, LOL..Yes, I am tired of it all…but I’m also blessed to still be here on this earth and lucky to have my health, family and friends. What are you tired of?

“I’m so tired of being tired. Sure as night will follow day most things I worry about will never happen anyway.” ~ Tom Petty


14 thoughts on “I’m Tired…

  1. I’m tired of all of the commercials for meds, too. No wonder so many people are addicted. I agree with Cheri….the political bickering is SOOOOO senseless. Maybe if we all pray for leadership we can actually respect. Hang in there, Renee. 😊

  2. I could have written your post except for the ants in your computer and making dinner because I’m lucky enough to have a husband who cooks. I never connected my itching skin with all the rain. In fact we are under a state of emergency right now and I think we are all so numb from the rain…rain…

  3. I am tired of many of these things too, in particular, the hate, medical ads, and spam. I don’t have ants in my computer, so now I’m over here in Arkansas counting my blessings. “That Musk guy” LOL. Thanks for making me chuckle.

    1. Thank you Talya! Glad I could make you chuckle….and also glad you don’t have ants in your computer..wish I didn’t…

  4. Well, once again you made me smile! I certainly do agree with being so very tired of rain!!!
    I never get tired of cooking, probably because I like eating so much! I’m alreafy tired of the upcoming political ads and the general election is still over 2 months away. Guess we will both just have to turn off all TV, avoid the drug and political ads, and spend our time reading- and ordering jewelry!

    1. Yay, you are right Cheri..I do spend my time reading and I just ordered some more jewelry! And I’m glad I could make you smile!

  5. ya made ME giggle girlfriend😀 I agree with most of these but i did take gifs and emoticond to heart LOL..I am so guilty. Ants??? omg id be freaking. Itching here too…has to be the heat, old age, dry skin…but in YOUR case could be ants!! What i hate most and you kinda didn’t bring it up but the hate part…is the nastiness on this political differences of opinion. We don’t agree but don’t call me names. Agree to disagree. That’s my biggest HATE right now but I try to let it go. Hugs…get out of that house..Move closer to York 😀😀

  6. There is a point in life, I assume, where fatigue means more than a lack of sleep. So many factors come into play as is evidenced by the rain. How many days do we have left before we reach 40? you need something to inspire you and give you an incentive to be less tired. Your blogs are well written so your creative juices are still flowing. Maybe another trip to the beach, a string of sunny days without the threat of rain, a garden with a heavy ground cover that is easier to maintain, and a network of friends to keep you inspired to do more. As for meals, try something totally different. It may surprise you hopefully in a good way. If not, at least you know that is on the discard list. Last but not least, a good book that takes you to a different world where one can escape the mundane nature of this one. Maybe something I wrote here is worth a try. If not, thanks for reading it anyway.

    1. Thank you Andy…so many good things on your post…and believe me, I read…It is the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes…

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