very upset person

I HATE Autocorrect!!!

can I tell you how much I hate it…but sometimes it’s funny…

very upset person

it truly makes me want to scream…

I needed something to make me laugh today and have been gathering these funny autocorrects for some time now…so thought I would share them with you. I hope you get a chuckle out of them. I think it’s funny how autocorrect has a dark side to it…seems to change things so they sometimes sound dirty…. It must have a sense of humor though as well….Enjoy!

  1. I was telling my friends(ok, it just changed that to “feeling” my friends) that the company I was going to be a consultant for was doing purses now too and it changed it to “dong purses”…whatever they are, I don’t want one!
  2. A friend of mine was saying she was buying her grandsons some socks and it was changed to “I always buy them some dicks.” We still laugh at that one…
  3. I was worried about a friend and in a 3 way private message to 2 other friends I sent this.. “if I don’t hear from her shortly..I’m eating her.” Well that’ll show her for not getting in touch…
  4. Another friend was texting us about her husband, Rick and it came up “Stick” instead…he will forever be known as “Stick” now…
  5. I started a Grief Group so my friends could openly talk about their loved ones in private without feeling judged…although when I texted a friend to ask if she wanted to join it..well, this is what came up. “I have a “Grease Proof.” She asked me what I had that was grease proof?
  6. Did you ever send a text or private message and it took a little while for the people you sent it too to see the error…and when they did, it was even more hilarious. I sent one to a few friends about something we were all getting…an invite or something and instead of “I got mine”…it said, “I got men.” They were all very happy for me and asked how many I got?
  7. I said I saw a woman walking her cat on a leash, which was funny in itself… but it was changed to “walking her car on a leash.” Which was even funnier…
  8. A friend fell and I wanted to text, “Aw, sorry to hear this.” It showed up as “Awesome, sorry to hear this.” At least the sorry to hear this wasn’t changed…
  9. The other day a lot of people were on FB talking about having problems with their Comcast WIFI. Someone posted…I am still having problems with my “Cervix”…I don’t know that Comcast can fix that…
  10. I didn’t receive my free donut at Dunkin Donuts on free donut day and texted my grand daughter to say that I was upset with them…I sent this…I am extremely upset with Dunkin Dog Nuts….She sent me a text back and said, Β “what is this place, is it new?”…. I don’t think I want anything from that place though…
  11. On FB I saw a funny story a woman had posted that her Mother had a health problem and someone asked how she was and the woman replied… Oh she’s fine now..She just needed an “epic penis” (epi pen)… So glad it helped!
  12. I was texting a few people and said I went to a concert. They asked what concert… “Bonjovially” was my answer… It was a joyful Bon Jovi concert Β though!

Hope you enjoyed this and maybe got a laugh or two out of them. It did make me smile while I was writing this…Did you ever have one of your texts changed into something funny or not so funny..let me know in the comments..

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” ~ e.e. cummings


24 thoughts on “I HATE Autocorrect!!!

  1. Ohmygosh…sooooo funny. Keep the laughs coming. I try to reread EVERYTING, but sometimes I just must not be careful enough.

  2. My kids think it’s funny to sabotage my auto correct. They changed the setting so every time I said “no” it corrected to “of course” Little buggers!

  3. It seems with autocorrect you either have to laugh or cry. BTW, my son told me yesterday that his autocorrect had become so frustrating that he shut it off. Shut it off? You can do that?

    1. Thanks Karen! I know people have told me they turned it off…but sometimes its funny…so I leave it on…I need a laugh now and then…

  4. What a great post! thank you so much for making me smile. I once receive an email from a colleague about a meeting in a place called Underbarrow which had been changed to underdrawers… definitely didn’t want to meet him there!!

    1. Thank you so much Lucy! Glad I could make you smile…and yeah, don’t think I would want to meet him there either…LOL..

  5. Had to laugh at Dunkin Dog Nuts – I’d definitely be relieved to miss out on my free one! I don’t text a lot and I’m thinking that might be a good thing!

  6. Yes!! You did make me laugh, even at the ones I had known about before. So, thank- you! Every day is brighter with laughter in it.

  7. loving 9, 10, and 11😁😁😁. and of course our timing today on this
    post and my private message to ya 😁😁😁. its nice but ya still gotta proofread and i fail to sometimes!! Hugs

  8. A wonderful blog that made us laugh out loud. Too little of that in this world at this time. Perhaps spell check does have a humor all to its own. If so, A. I. (Artifical Intelligence, I have enough trouble with my natural lack of it) is smarter than we humans think. Some of these food places I could easily resist and why eat something that sounds like you have to pinch your nose at the same time? An epic penis can replace an epi pen? What money would be saved on drug costs. Thanks for the timely and very funny post.

  9. Gotta love auto correct. What makes it worse with my phone is that it corrects me as I hit send. It says what i want to say until I press send…If I do not press the back space button for whatever they want to auto correct for me, it correct before submission. (Hence autocorrect) For example, I call my sister (SEESTER). I was telling her thank you one day – Spelled out thanks “seester.” Hit send. Actual message that went through – thanks sweater. Gosh dern autocorrect. Let me change it to your suggestion. Please do not do it for me. #especiallyafterIhitsend #thankyou #thatisall

    1. I love the Sweater/seester thing…the thing about autocorrect that bugs me is when you want it to correct a word….crickets! Thanks for your comments…loved them!

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