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10 Things You Just Don’t Want To Know…

But I’m going to tell you anyway…

say what

Say What??

I have seen and heard some weird things lately so I thought I would just put them out there for all of you. I don’t want to be the only one that has weird things going through  their mind… You may have some of your own. Things you really could have gone through your life not knowing…or at least I could have with these…

1. Finding out your relationship has ended on Facebook. This one wasn’t me but it happened to a friend. Really you couldn’t at least text them first.

2. Knowing how many people each day fly by you in their car and are texting while driving. Sometimes i see them, sometimes I don’t. It’s the ones I don’t see that scare me.

3. Finding out your husband is “seeing” your neighbor who lives up the street. Actually he was doing a little more than just “seeing” her… And yes we were married during this. Fun times….

4. Finding out your parents have sex. I was so mortified by this.. I guess I thought I was brought here by aliens, which by the way is what Mom told me… and after finding this out I almost wished it was the truth.

5. I saw online somewhere just recently that humans will eat about 8 spiders in our lifetime while we are sleeping. Not sure if it’s true or not, but don’t you think we would wake up if a spider was crawling around in our mouth… I pray to all that’s holy I would…

6. If the whole spider thing isn’t bad enough….according to the FDA there are 60 or more fragments of insects per 100 grams of chocolate. Yum! Protein in our chocolate bar. I guess that makes it healthy to eat chocolate.

7. Finding out your ex is dating your best friend. This of course did not happen to me because none of my friends could stand my ex. It did happen to a friend of mine and she was devastated. She is isn’t friends with either of them anymore.

8. This one is extra special….20% of office coffee mugs contain fecal matter. Thank goodness for Starbucks! And really how does it get in the mugs…wait….I really don’t want to know.

9. Finding out when you get home from a fun day of shopping and then dinner that you had toilet paper sticking out of your pants all day. I saw this happen today and wanted to tell the woman but thought she may get upset. I guess she was upset anyway when she got home and no one had told her.

10. And last but not least….humans shed over 600,000 particles of skin every hour…(saw this on Facebook, and if its on FB it has to be true)….one question…why am I not skinny after losing all of this skin????

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” ~ Proverb

Well evidently some times it could….What could you have done without knowing?



27 thoughts on “10 Things You Just Don’t Want To Know…

  1. I’m a long time reader of Consumer Reports and I remember when they used to test for insect and rodent matter and sometimes would actually post photos of what they found (if it was “excessive”. I’d rather not know, thank you! As for the best friend and the husband – that never happened to me but did happen to a co worker a long time ago (pre Internet) when she came home unexpectedly one day and caught them “in the act”. Not only that but the friend was a local celebrity on the news all the time – the end of that friendship but she had to keep seeing her ex-friend on TV.

    1. Yeah I don’t think I want to see pictures of the yucky stuff in my food…just thinking about it now is bad enough…and that poor friend of yours….bad enough that it happened but she had to keep seeing her….thanks for commenting Alana!

    1. Yuck Beth! That is even worse….seeing it in person…now I don’t want to sleep on my mattress. But then I don’t want to sleep at ll know…spiders. And people send me weird stuff….

  2. I worked in sales and marketing for a peanut company for a brief time and there is an acceptable ratio of rodent excrement allowed in peanut products! Totally grossed me out and the offices were over the plant which once I knew that I never wanted to go down stairs! Absolutely there are things where ignorance is bliss.

  3. Yes, we live in the age of too much information. I try to turn myself away from those click baits and random nonsense on Facebook. I need to keep room in my middle-aged brain for the important stuff! However, #3 really sucks. Hope things got better for you or you got revenge.

    1. Mona, not sure if it is or not but lets keep our mouths shut tight.But then maybe they would crawl up our noses.. 🙁

  4. OK… just had to include the chocolate thing!!! The sad part is, I’ll still inhale it as usual. lol Roughly 8-10 yrs ago, I found out about my parents still having sex…yes…she would have been in her 80’s!!! My first reaction was “ALRIGHT”, meaning there is something fun to look forward to after all. I once saw a gal in a store who was “dressed to the nines” and was sashaying around, and her slip was hanging out. Did I tell her? NO..because I was being very catty cause she thought she was all that and more!! I have since grown up (kinda).

    1. Peg, sorry about the “chocolate thing”.. I love it too!And wow, good for your parents…I think later in life it would have been ok, but when you are 8 it is gross… LOL! And I get the whole not telling her about the slip thing….

  5. Interesting post. There are a lot of things that I probably do not want to know. However, losing that much skin in bed each night should make one thinner. Conversely, how much skin do we put on in a night? Maybe that is the question we want or do not want to ask. As for the toilet paper hanging out of the pants after a day of shopping, perhaps that is the sign of a dedicated Wal Mart shopper. Perhaps their shopping list was written on that paper and yet we all do not want to know what else was on that paper. As for spiders, there is a web of intrigue about that point. Thanks for posting.

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