10 Questions That Have No Answers

at least I don’t know the answer…


why do we have such long necks, Bob?

There are certainly many unanswered questions out there. For some reason I tend to think of weird things and wonder about many of them while drifting off to sleep. Yes, I know I’m weird. Here are a few of the many questions I have.

  1. Why do giraffes have such long necks? No other animal has a neck this long. I always thought they looked kinda weird and if they weren’t careful they could get tied in a knot. Like if they looked in to many different directions at one time or if they did yoga or something.
  2. Why do they have toilet paper commercials on tv? Seriously, we all need this. Do they really need to advertise it? Do they think we will stop buying it?
  3. Why do we adults have trouble opening child proof bottles, but little kids have no problem? If I can’t get my bottle of aspirin open I always ask my grandson to open it. No problem.
  4. Why is lemonade sometimes made with artificial flavoring, but my dishwashing liquid is made with real lemon juice? This one really gets to me. I don’t understand it at all. I honestly would pay more for my lemonade to have real lemons in it. And wouldn’t artificial lemon juice work just as well in the dishwashing liquid? It’s not like I drink it…but it does smell yummy, so I want to.
  5. Is clear a color? My grandson just told me the color of his hair was clear when he was a baby. I asked don’t you mean blonde, he said no it was clear. I don’t know…maybe clear is a color. White is a color and it really doesn’t have any color… ok, never mind.
  6.  Why when someone works really hard do we say “he worked like a dog”? I don’t get this. Every dog I know lays around all day and sleeps. They might get up and walk around in circles for a bit, but then they lick themselves and lay back down again. Really, did you ever do this when you worked very hard at something?
  7. Why do we say “after dark”? After dark is light and light is before dark. So what does this even mean?  I think this is another one of those riddles our ancestors said to confuse us.
  8. When you die do you have to keep wearing the outfit you had on when you died? Anyone know if this is true…if it is, then I need to dress better every single day….just incase.
  9. Why is there an expiration date on sour cream containers? Ok, isn’t it already spoiled, it is why can’t we keep it forever and not have it turn bad? My daughter and I had this discussion last week when we made tacos and the sour cream had a date that had passed. We looked at each other and said, “how can it go bad it’s already sour?” So we used it on our tacos. We are still alive. And thank goodness for that cause I wasn’t wearing a very cute outfit that day.
  10. Why are all barns red? I don’t even have a thought on this one…let me think for a bit..Nope.. nada.. nothing.

Well that’s my ten for today. I have a lot more but I will save them for another day. Ok, since you begged me…I have another…why for all that’s holy please tell me why hot dogs come in packs of 8 and hot dog rolls come in packs of 10?? Why?

And here’s one for you to sleep on tonight. The ABC’s are supposedly alphabetically arranged…who made this the way it is and said that is the correct way? Maybe, way back in time it really started with N or Q. And then someone else came along and thought better of it and said I think it should start with “A”. Whoa…I will just leave you to ponder that one. And if you come up with a good answer I will listen to it.

Do you have any questions that have no answers?

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” ~ Charles Chaplin

20 thoughts on “10 Questions That Have No Answers

    1. I don’t know, I think you were off Facebook for awhile that day..I just posted a new one on the Helpful Hellion site today too… Glad you enjoyed it!

  1. ohmygosh!! You are hilarious. The New Stephen Wright!! I always thought giraffes had a haughty look as they literally and figuratively looked down at us. I love Cottonelle toilet paper, but their ads are just dumb. And the dog thing…never thought of that. Don’t you like when George Carlin said if he could lay around licking himself, he’d never leave the house. Great post…I really appreciate GOOD humor. Waiting for your next post……….

  2. It is indeed a revelation to read all of your questions and the answers that do not give the questions justice. Your blog was hilarious and right on spot. Good for you, Renee. As for toilet paper, we take it for granted until it runs out. We may not have stopped running but the paper has. As for clear for a color, never thought of that. Working like a dog is a wonderful question. I guess you need a dog day afternoon to find out. This is a blog that puts a smile on your face and just maybe more questions in your head.

  3. I wonder about the death thing (hadn’t thought about the outfit question though) My question is ‘will we stay the age we are when we died?’ I read a book about an afterlife experience and the author said he recognized old Uncle Bill by his red bulbous nose – I thought I’d be young and gorgeous in heaven – I felt sorry for poor Uncle Bill and his nose!

    1. Oh wow, Leanne, now you gave me something else to think about….I thought we were all young and had no issues when we die…

  4. Let me be a witness to the fact that sour cream can spoil. And my guess is that toilet paper people want you to buy their brand and not another. But on that topic, why is TP called “bathroom tissue”? If you need to blow your nose in the bathroom, can’t you use facial tissue?

    1. Uh oh, Alana…sounds like you know it can spoil first hand…sorry… and true why is it called bathroom tissue?

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