Fashion Trends For Spring 2016

And there is something for everyone…

vintage straw bag

It looks to me like the 70’s are still going to be with us a while longer, especially into Spring/Summer 2016. Also for those of you who like the romantic/flowery, Victorian type clothing.. that is going to be big as well. Underwear as outerwear, not a fan of this. Do we really need to see your underwear? My dad always said, “it is more fun to unwrap something and be surprised.” Gotta go with Dad on this one.

The colors for Spring will be Peach Echo (coral/peach), Snorkel Blue (navy, one of my favs), Iced Coffee (sounds yummy and looks like what you would think it, Lilac Grey (just looks like grey to me, but then what do I know, Pantone says its Lilac Grey so thats what it is, I do like grey by the way) Rose Quartz(which looks pink to me and not a color I wear, makes me look like I’m dead) There are a few others like Limpet Shell(which is a light colored turquoise, love this) and Buttercup, which I’m sure you can figure out. All in all not bad choices. Not that I ever go by their picks, but it does carry over into what colors the designers use for the season.

The one trend I am excited to see and have been personally wanting for quite some time is suede as in a suede jacket. I just had a conversation with a friend last week where she told me she was cleaning out the attic and came across her husband’s suede jacket from high school. She had it cleaned and her grandson is now wearing it. How cool is that?

So here are some of the top trends of 2016:

1.Straw and wicker handbags likeΒ The SAK Cambria Large Tote Shoulder Bag,Gypsy Stripe,One Size

2. Half Moon Handbags like this one from Silpada. To check it out go to my website



3. Suede coats, vests and jackets like this BGSD Women’s “Anna” Suede Leather Car Coat

4. Victorian Flowered tops and dresses, I myself was never a big flowery person. Well I do enjoy real ones, just not wearing them.

5. Maxi skirts and dresses – like this AGB Women’s Knit Maxi Skirt. I have been thinking of trying one of these, seems like they would be comfortable.

6. Aviator sunglasses – not sure they ever left but they are back…Go Maverick (as in “Top Gun”, one of my favs)

7. Statement jewelry, earrings, necklaces and bracelets like the one below from Silpada. Again, you can check out my website above for more like this one.



8. Denim, denim and more denim – shirts, jackets, skirts and dresses. I must say I do love denim.

9. Pointy toe flats and gladiator sandals – I like pointy toes because they feel better on my feet than round ones for some reason. Evidently, I must have pointy feet. However, as a side note, there will be no wearing of the the afore mentioned gladiator sandals. They are also showing shoes that look like slippers, even calling them slipper shoes. I guess the pajama people will be wearing them. And some weird looking sneakers unlike any sneakers I ever saw….um, no..

I am happy to see so many flats because I just can’t do the heels anymore. Been there, done that, ruined my feet to prove I’ve done it. Here is a cute pair of flats Breckelle BA45 Women Suede Pointy Toe T-Strap Cutout Flat Sandal – Leopard

10. Pleats – showing lots of pleated skirts, and dresses. Never been a “fan”..get it?

It looks like it is going to be a great Spring for fashion and the groundhog said it will be early, so you better get a move on.

I will end as always with a question and a quote…

My question – Which one of these trends is something you think you would wear?

My quote – “Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends” ~ Kate Spade


Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links to Amazon and I may get paid a little bit if you would purchase an item…

36 thoughts on “Fashion Trends For Spring 2016

  1. Love your fashion picks! The suede jacket is my favorite! This year I really want to start using accessories more with my outfits. Great post!

    1. Thanks Meagan! I am trying that too…I got a fake suede jacket that looks like the real thing…but using more accessories to brighten things up.

    1. Yes, Bring it on as it is snowing like crazy here right now..and I used to wear heels all the time..and loved them so very much…but now as I am in my 60’s…just can’t do it anymore…

  2. I think the ‘new’ trend that appeals to me the most would be the suede. I’d love to have a suede blazer again. I had a dark green one, can’t remember if it was in high school or when I was out in the ‘real’ world & had a job, that I got one with my own $$$! Yaaa, for independence, right? It DID get all over everything & if you got caught in the rain, disaster! What a great story about your friend’s grandson wearing his grandfather’s suede jacket/coat! πŸ™‚ I love denim, too! It goes with everything pretty much. Recently picked a slightly ‘loved’ pocketbook at an ‘exchange’ get together. I haven’t carried it yet cause I hate to move all my ‘junk’ from one to another, but I will – soon! As for flats, I can’t wear them if I plan to do much walking cause there’s no support in them & they hurt my feet. And heels? Well, forget that, too. Just give me comfy shoes AND comfy clothes at my age. Love the ‘aviator’ sunglasses that Mr. Cruise is wearing in ‘Top Gun’! They pretty much make any guy look hot. LOL

    Another great blog, Renee!! Brought back a LOT of really good memories!! Keep ’em comin’!!

  3. Thanks for the reminder to “think Spring”! Love the idea of long dresses and skirts. Can anyone “our” age still wear heels? Oh, what we did to our bodies in the name of fashion. This was a fun blog; thanks so much!

  4. Statement jewelry, flats and denim ALL appeal to me. Definitely NO to pleats and underwear as outerwear! Florals, probably not! Suede? Maybe? I had an awesome suede vest with plaid pants sold as a set at Jack’s for my ‘going away outfit’ in 1973. Definitely don’t still have it and even if I did it wouldn’t fit! New handbag, yes please! Still looking! Have many but always go back to my red leather one. A new love would be welcomed! Thanks for your Spring Forecast! Looking forward to shopping!

    1. Well you know where you can buy some wonderful jewelry. And I would love to go shopping with you. Thanks Joanie!

  5. I like the idea of flats again, I love heels but they are not comfortable any more. Long dresses or skirts are comfortable so I am glad to see them come back.
    By the way the pink sweater set I told you about is in the Goodwill bag. I loved it and now I must leave it go! Thanks for the fashion updates.

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