free lunch

There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch…

or a free donut…apparently!

free lunch

is there such a thing…

I was awakened by a text at 6am yesterday saying the power was out. I rushed, (well maybe I didn’t “rush”, it was 6am after all)outside to talk to the neighbors to see what was going on…and sure enough the power was out in the entire neighborhood. While I was relieved that it wasn’t just my house and I hadn’t inadvertently forgotten to pay the bill…it got my day off to a rather bad start as you might imagine and then to add insult to injury… something else popped in my head… I wouldn’t be able to make coffee!! I waited and watched for the non existent power and of course turned lights on and off in rooms when I knew full well there was no electric. I stood in the kitchen looking down at my Kuerig for help but it didn’t…or couldn’t. No Coffee! No! This can’t be happening…

I waited not so patiently for an hour and that was it. I couldn’t wait any longer so I jumped in the car to make a run for coffee. I offered to get some for all the neighbors as well but they declined. I raced to McD’s and couldn’t believe all the cars in line, they were wrapped around the building 5 times…ok, maybe 2. And then all of a sudden I thought oh my gosh it’s “free donut day”…why not go to DD… Perfect! This made everything ok, I would be rewarded for having to go through all of this with a “free donut,” The line there was not quite so long and I decided to get an egg sandwich along with my coffee and added a glazed donut as my freebie. I had a gift card from a friend and it paid for the whole thing. Score!

The smell of the coffee wafted through the air the whole way back to the house and I could barely contain myself from drinking it before I got home to add my own creamer and sweetener. I got my coffee ready and pulled out my egg and cheese sandwich, looked under the napkins and what did I see….well I’ll tell you what I didn’t see…a donut. No free donut, it was very clearly listed on my receipt. Glazed donut – Free Donut – D Day(whatever that meant, I guess donut day) But I didn’t have a donut. I didn’t have a free donut or a paid for donut. I had no donut at all. And now all I really wanted besides my beautiful cup of coffee was a damn donut.

“Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?” ~ Matt Groening

I pulled all the napkins out and dumped the bag on the table thinking some how the missing donut would magically appear. But no! There was no donut. And I didn’t feel like running back down there with tears streaming down my face to tell them I didn’t get my “free donut”. And then there is this…would they in fact even believe me? I could see their faces when I told them the news…”oh sure lady we’ll give you another “free” donut, so sorry”…all of them laughing hysterically because the crazy lady with wild hair ate her donut quickly in the car and came back for another….

So I drank my coffee, which was wonderful by the way and ate my egg and cheese sandwich, which was ok…and all the while longed for my donut. Did you ever not even think you wanted something until you couldn’t have it and then it was the most desired thing in the world and you just had to have it no matter what. You wanted that  “thing” whatever it was, more than anything. Yes, it was just a donut, but it was so much more. It was what that donut represented. I have had so much loss and so much taken away from me that this just was the icing on the cake…or donut. You can’t not give me my free donut…damn it!

I did try justifying the whole thing by telling myself…this is the universe telling you that you didn’t need a donut. Yeah, whatever universe…shut it!! So I sat down and wrote an email to DD and told them what had happened on “free donut day” as tears streamed down my cheeks.  I will wait to see what they write back, if indeed they do. Because of course “I’m the crazy lady that ate her free donut in the car and decided to try and get another one for free by lying about the whole incident”.  I will let you know what happens.

Just remember, nothing is free….everything comes with a cost.

donuts are not free

all I ever wanted…and btw, she needs a manicurist..

Did you ever not even think you wanted something until you couldn’t have it? The day started out being about my beloved coffee and not be able to have it and quickly ended up about some sugar-laden piece of dough that I was denied and wanted so so much. How did this all even happen?


“The best things in life are free, the second best things are very, very expensive.” ~ Coco Chanel


18 thoughts on “There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch…

  1. I hope you get a reply, Renee–if only to know you were heard! Your blog readers feel your pain, though! P.S. If you’re ever up this way in Maine, I’ll meet you at Holy Donut in Portland, and treat you to one of theirs. I’m not a real donut fan, but these potato donuts are not to be missed!

    1. Roxanne, I haven’t heard from them as of yet, but it has only been a few days..maybe I will picket the local DD if I don’t hear anything from them…LOL…And if I’m ever there which I might be since my daughter and grands live in VT….I will let you know, that sounds awesome…I’m not really a big donut eater either…but it was free!

  2. I’m expecting a donut update now – the sheer injustice of it all would be magnified 10X if they don’t respond to your email with TWO free donuts!

    1. Oh no, Leanne…now you just added an extra layer of sadness to the whole thing..If it doesn’t happen…I will let everyone know the outcome of the missing donut…

  3. Of course you wanted your free donut, who wouldn’t! Yes DD makes good coffee but with a free donut it is even better! I hope they send you a free donut card.

  4. Interesting and well written post. Like the golfer who sets out to have a great day, you came back from DD like the golfer from the beautiful course without a hole in one. BTW, DD is a fixture in New England. If there is not one on every corner then that corner is considered culturally deprived.

    1. Thanks Andy, glad you liked it! And I have seen a lot of them when traveling to see my daughter up in Vermont!

  5. One thing about you, Renee……there is always something!! Your blogs with your constant “happenings” make me laugh…and we can all use a good laugh. Hopefully your email will do some good.

    1. Thanks Peg, glad I make you laugh…And I will let you know what they say…if they even answer me….

  6. LOL, you made me GIGGLE. That’s happened to me already, the forgot SOMETHING or other and no way was I going back…lol. You know me and DD are best buddies, but I didn’t even attempt to go yesterday. LOVE YA.

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