wreath in the ocean

Weird Things Are Everywhere…

even at the beach…

wreath in the ocean

Oh no, I lost my wreath in the ocean…

My oldest daughter took me to the beach last weekend to get away from all the things that are making my life just a bit too much right now. I needed to breathe the sea air and feel the sun…although we weren’t sure we would have sun since the forecast was calling for rain the entire time. That is one of the things I needed to get away from..the constant rain and dreariness here at home. Having said that, the weather gods were looking out for us… because the sun came out every day but one and I got to sit on the beach and feed my soul.

On the way to the beach and while we were there we encountered some things that made me laugh out loud and I so needed to laugh. I haven’t had much to laugh about lately…but that’s another story. This one is just about the funny, weird things we saw while driving there and at the beach.

A business sign – While most business signs are not usually funny, this one was. The sign on the store said, “Perfect Furniture.” In front on the store was a sofa that was falling apart. Not sure if it was for sale or they had it sitting out for the trash collector, but it struck me funny…it clearly was not “perfect.”

A rabbit – Most of the time rabbits are not funny..unless they are in a cartoon. But as we were driving along I had to do a double take when I saw a huge rabbit lying on the hood of a car. And yes it was alive because it moved. I guess it was the family pet?? But most of the time pet rabbits are in a cage not relaxing on the roof of the car.

A flashing sign – One day as we drove over to the beach, there was one of those flashing signs sitting along the rode…the sign said, “Limited Lifeguards.” That’s it, just those two words. Made me chuckle and think…why are they limited? Did it mean they didn’t have enough of them or they were limited in what they could do… various other thoughts come to mind..

A clerks name – My daughter and I both love “Life is Good” tee shirts and we always stop in our favorite shop to see if they have any new ones we might like. Of course they did and I bought one. It was a beach chair on the beach and under it were the words, “unplug”…perfect. When I got back to the house I looked at the receipt and it said, your clerks name is “Miracle Handy”…had I known this while I was in the store I would have asked her for one.

Zoltar – I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with Zoltar, the fortune telling machine. You find them on the boardwalk in most beach towns. Also if you have ever watched the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks, it is the machine that granted his wish to be “big.” Anyway, it is a tradition in our family that whenever we see one we get our fortune told by Zoltar. I put my money in and waited…(he always talks to you before printing out your fortune)…and then he says, “live for today..for tomorrow you may be dead.” A guy walking along the boardwalk comes running over and says, did he say what I think he said, “did he just say, live for today, for tomorrow you may be dead.” I said, yes he said that…and the best part is.. he said that to me last year as well… I guess I need to listen to him, as he really wants me to “get” that message!

Juan – a few years ago when I was working for a jewelry company, I serviced stores at the beach. I would spend 2 or 3 days at a time down there and went out to dinner by myself every night. I had a favorite mexican restaurant down there I always went to and still do. There was a waiter that usually waited on me and we chatted every time I went there. He worried about me since I was always alone. I told him i worked down there and that is why I was alone. So I took my family there once and he came running up and said, “Oh, I am so happy, you do have friends.” We all laughed, but he really was genuinely happy for me. I haven’t seen him for quite some time. We went there last weekend for dinner and all of the sudden he shows up at our table. He looked at us and said I thought that was you. He told us he hadn’t been working at this particular restaurant, he was working at one of their other ones and going to school. We chatted for awhile and he made us friends on FB so we wouldn’t lose touch again. It really was so great to see him again! When we left my daughter looked at me and said…”that was Juan right? I wasn’t sure if that was the right “juan” or not.” If you don’t get it, say it out loud…she didn’t mean it to be funny, but it sure was.

A glove and a wreath – I saw a glove on the beach, it had just washed up on the shore. I’m not sure what that means and why I saw it. If you know me… I am always looking for signs. A glove keeps your hand warm and protects it from the cold. This was a work type glove, so I’m guessing it was sending me a message that I am protected. At least that is what I chose to believe. Now the wreath…wreaths on doors are a decoration…a welcome to all that visit. A wreath floating in the water means…welcome to the beach?? Oh..my gosh, as I was typing this I got it…I got the message…you are home…welcome home!

There were many other weird things that happened but these are some of the best. And even though there are some things going on in my life that I am having some  trouble with…there is one thing for sure, my life far from boring. And it helps to laugh!

“If you just go with the flow, no matter what weird things happen along the way, you always end up exactly where you belong.” ~ Tom Upton

20 thoughts on “Weird Things Are Everywhere…

  1. Oh Renee, your story about the “right” Juan struck a chord with me this AM! I was very distraught this AM after hearing the news about the “father” who had been holding his four children hostage. This AM they reported that he shot and killed them all and then killed himself….I broke into tears. I do believe that these four precious little ones are now in the arms of Jesus but even so I cried. All I could think about were our two precious granddaughters and how frightened those four little ones must have been in their final moments on earth. But I had to look to my faith and all that it promises for all of us and especially those dear little ones. I am crying again as I am typing this. But in reading your blog this AM I had to laugh, as I do so often because of your innate sense of humor. I was also reminded of a sweet, very kind little girl that was at the birthday party for one of my grandchildren’s friend yesterday afternoon. The party was to end at 5:00PM and so we were there on time to pick them up. Everyone was sitting in the open garage and so I walked over there to see what was up and they were just playing the game where you put whipped cream on a plastic hand and then spin to get a number and then you have to turn a little handle to see whether you will get a “slap” in the face or beat the game. I was standing in the doorway watching all the hilarity when of course, the sky opened up for about the 400 hundredth time that day, but I was mostly in the garage. This one little girl with the face and eyes of an angel came over to me and looked up into my face with her sparkly little eyes and asked me is I was OK! I assured her that I was fine. She was worried that I might be getting wet!! She kept coming back periodically to assure herself that I was really OK and each time I assured her that I was. Each time she had the most beatific look on her face, like that of an angel. Her absolute sense of sheer kindness spoke so loudly to my heart and I think now that it might have been God letting me know that there is still unexpected kindness in this so often cruel world. I am so happy that you see signs in random things. I believe that it is one way that God may talk with us from time to time. Thank you once again for a very wonderful blog!! <3 <3 <3 🙂

    1. thank you Georgia! I am so happy my post make you smile..that’s what I want them to do….and I loved your story…there are angels among us….

    1. Alana, I have to be close to the beach at least if I can’t live there…and I don’t care about the glove, but the wreath means it is welcoming me…I know it in my heart..

  2. I love all your weird and wonderful finds Renee, and that you are still alive – obviously you are ‘living for today’ as per instructions (or you wouldn’t be here to post another interesting update!)

  3. What a testament to you that the right Juan (I get it) remembered you and now you are Facebook friends! Waitstaff wait on thousands of people but you and Juan made a connection! Another sign?

  4. It is so much fun to see the unexpected as you go about your day. My favorite around here are the hairnets. Yes, you read that correctly. One evening, while walking the four blocks from work to my car, I counted no less that eight hairnets just lying around. After that I have seen them everywhere and now get updates from friends and co-workers when they spot them!

    1. Hairnets…I laughed out loud at that one..I have seen some weird things..I love finding them and my friends say they never see any and they are glad I post mine..I guess some of us are just more observant…ThanKs Laura for the laugh…

  5. Just proves my point. Your place is at the beach from the Carolinas southward so that you can enjoy warm weather for longer periods of time. Funny observations.

  6. glad it was the right JUAN, get it 😁. I love reading your stories, lol. Not sure about that rabbit. i had one on my patio too. Something is up with rabbits i think!! Glad ya had great weather and good time 💋💋💟💟

  7. I like how you always find humor in things. We do that, too. Those were good and wierd observations. The rabbit thing was just plain unusual…never saw that before. And the wreath welcoming you to the beach….perfect omen. Glad you gals had good weather.

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