cats don't care

I Don’t Care!

cats don’t care and neither do I…

cats don't care

Do I look like I care..

Ok, I do care…I care about my family, my friends, the world, the environment…but there are a lot of things I don’t care about these days and I’m just going to let them go. I used to care..a little too much and always wound up getting hurt. I think I have pretty much just stopped caring so I just stop getting hurt…I also believe we need to think about what and who we care about and be very “careful” of those we put our trust in these days. I think I’m like a cat! They just don’t care at all…

I don’t care how much exercise I get. There I said it. I just read something the other day that said if you exercise 5 minutes every few hours each day you’re good! How many people do you know who were in good shape, exercised, ran marathons, ate only healthy stuff, and dropped over dead in their 40’s or 50’s…on the flip side are some of my very own relatives who did everything wrong and lived to be 90!  I’m not saying we shouldn’t do anything to be more healthy I’m just saying there are some things I just don’t want to do to be healthy. We shouldn’t obsess so much about it. I’m not wearing a step counter…or putting a health app on my phone or wearing the wrist thing. I did for awhile and I did get kind of obsessed about it. So I’m not doing it any more. I have enough things telling me what to do and when to do them… I walk every day. I walk because I love to walk. I don’t know how far I walk…I don’t care.. I walk until I don’t want to anymore and then I turn around and walk back.

I don’t care if ice cream isn’t good for me! Life’s short and none of us are getting out alive…so I eat what I want. But I really do try for the most part to eat healthy. I don’t eat after 7pm..I think you need a little time for everything to settle down before going to bed. It helps you sleep better. But if I want ice cream… I’m going to have ice cream. I feel like everything in moderation is always a good call. I don’t eat it every night and when I do get some I usually get those little cups and eat half one night and half the next.

I don’t care if my house is spic and span clean. As long as the tv show Hoarders doesn’t come to my house… even if they would, they could sit on my couch and have plenty of space on my kitchen counter to make dinner… and my dishes are aways washed…so I’m good. I love a place that’s nice and clean and has a place for everything and everything is in it’s place…I just don’t want to be the one that has to do it! Oh and I do make my bed every morning… so there’s that!

“I pretend I don’t care but deep down inside…….I really still don’t care.” ~Unknown

I don’t care about all this stuff with Facebook stealing our information..or allowing someone else to steal and use it. Do you really think no one else is doing this? We all have cell phones and computers and programs and apps on both of them, do you really think these people aren’t stealing our data? Do you think this hasn’t been going on as long as computers have been around and maybe even before that? If people can hack into our government files do you honestly think they haven’t been hacking into ours? I just hope someone that hacked into my mortgage company’s site will pay off my mortgage while they’re in there. Yeah, that would be nice… Nothing in life is free, we have been using social media for free for quite a while now so if you don’t like what is happening don’t use it. I will continue to make the most of it… to stay in touch with family members and friends that don’t live close by. I love that we can stay connected and with FaceTime and Skype on our phones and computers it make me feel like they are here in my house. So yeah, just my opinion..I don’t care.

I don’t care if coffee, wine or whatever else they are saying at the moment isn’t good for you. Because next year a new study will come out and say it is good for you. It happened this year with coffee, there was a study that said they were wrong, something in coffee is good for you….not more than a week later another study comes out and says it isn’t…again…we still, for the most part have free will…if you love/like coffee, drink it! If you love/like wine…have some! Again…everything in moderation.

I don’t care if everyone likes me. I used to care… But not anymore. I am not everyone’s cup of tea and I am well aware of that. I think I am one of those people who you either love or hate…I don’t think there is much of an “in between” with me..I used to be bad enough but as I’ve written before, I have changed since the death of my son. I have little or no filter. However, trivial things I used to worry about no longer bother me. And people who don’t “get” me…don’t get me. I tried very hard over the years to keep some people in my life, but I have learned you can’t make people like you, they either do or they don’t…and having them in your life knowing that you are the one trying to make them like you is worse than not having them in your life at all. Like I said, Life is short and its too short to try and hang onto people who really don’t want to be there. Let them go.

As I mentioned earlier, I do care…I care about people, I care about animals. I care about the homeless, the sick, the poor, and most of all, I care about my family and the friends in my life who are like family… but there are some things I just don’t care about anymore and I’m letting them go….

Also I just wanted to mention…”I Don’t Care” is a song title used by many…from, Hank Williams, Green Day, The Ramones, to Ricky Martin and Elton John and lots more. So many titles of my blog posts are songs…isn’t that weird?

“When people treat you like they don’t care, believe them.” ~ Unknown



14 thoughts on “I Don’t Care!

  1. It was either a book I read to the girls, or a TV show segment with “I Don’t Care Pierre” and everything someone said to him…his response…I don’t care. I can’t even remember the rest. (TOO long ago. lol) I agree with you about there being some things I just don’t give a hoot about anymore. And just like you, it’s not family and friends. I still have empathy for the less fortunate, etc. We were doing the gluten-free stuff and frozen yogurts for months, but are now back to the good stuff. Who cares!!! We don’t!!! Keep them coming…unhealthy food for thought. haha

  2. By writing this blog, Renee, it means that you do care. What you care about changes in a person’s lifetime dependent on life experiences, tragedies, joyous occasions, and the like. But, to take the time to write a blog such as this means that you do care for those who read your postings. If we adopt a different persona in order to appeal to someone, we do not do ourselves and others any favors. Therefore, be true to yourself and let the chips fall where they may. Perhaps you will let the chips fall but you will keep an ever vigilant eye on the ice cream which may be important enough to defend with all of your might. Keep on blogging.

    1. Well the cat really doesn’t have anything to do with it except that cats don’t care either….LOL.

  3. First of all, Gussie =^..^= wants you to know that she does care, so there. When I was sick last month with the flu, flat on my back in bed, she stayed with me most all of the time…she was very comforting. But you are so right about “toxic” people, and more. So thanks for the reminder. Sometimes, Streisand’s “I Don’t Care Much” (c. ’63 ?) plays behind my eyes when I’m going to sleep. Cheers…because maybe Spring is here at long last.

    1. Well cats care when “they” want to care…especially at dinner time…LOL…and I hope you are right about the Spring thing…

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