10 Things You Need To Stop Doing…Now!

really you just need to stop….


Just Stop Now…

After being cooped up inside for a few days due to this sucky weather and reading a lot of peoples Facebook posts… I have come up with some things we all(me too)need to stop doing…

1. Stop complaining about our health – If we are alive..its a good day! We need to think positively about our health and just be glad we’re alive! We aren’t 30 anymore and we aren’t going to feel like we are so we just need to stop complaining. Complaining never helps any situation, it just makes it worse!

2. Stop saving something for another day – We need to stop saving that dress for some wonderful occasion that will never happen..and stop saving that piece of china for that perfect dinner with family or friends…do it now! Wear the dress, use the china!

3. Stop thinking you have to be more – Stop thinking you have to be prettier, thinner, funnier… more something. We will most likely never be the way we think we need to be in our minds…and yes of course if you need to lose some weight due to health reasons by all means do it but if you just think you need to be thinner to be a more perfect you..than don’t! No one is perfect and we are never going to be either.

4. Stop missing the moments – Don’t just spend time with family, friends or your grands…be present in the moment. Stop and take time to enjoy the moments you are spending with them. Don’t get wrapped up in what you should be doing or what you are doing tomorrow. Take time to really enjoy the moment! I recently started to do this! I try to sit back and savor one moment every time I am with my grand kids now. They grow up so fast and the time you have with them is so precious. Take some time to really savor the moments that count.

5. Stop waiting for the perfect time to do something – This is kind of like “saving something for another day” but it is a little different. Stop waiting to take that trip, go see your family or friend in another state, start a new career or craft…do it now! What do we gain by waiting? What if we never get to do it? Just do it now! What do you have to lose?

“It is not too uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

6. Stop worrying – There is no reason for it. I do it, we all do it! I try not to, but sometimes it still happens. The reason I say there is no reason to worry is this…whatever is going to happen…is going to happen. If you can change it before it does…than do that. But if you can’t..all the worrying in the world won’t help the situation and will just make you feel worse! “Don’t worry, be happy!” Thanks Bobby McFerrin…now that will be stuck in my head all day!

7. Stop comparing ourselves to others – I think most of us have always done this. I know I have even as far back as elementary school. Why was my hair curly? Why couldn’t I have clothes like that girl? But today we have social media. Thank goodness we didn’t have it when I was growing up because I think it makes everything worse. Why does she always get to travel? Why is she so thin? Why is he getting another new car and I’m driving this beat up old thing? I am really not like this in real life. I don’t care what others have and am truly happy for people when they get something or go somewhere. But seeing it there every day right in front of your face can be a little daunting..and maybe just maybe make you a little jealous. But we just need to realize our own worth and stop the comparing!

8. Stop playing it safe – If this time in our life isn’t the time to do something then when is? Be daring, take a chance, stop playing it safe! Where has playing it safe gotten us? If you’re not happy with where or who you are right now… try something different, new, exciting. At this point, what do you have to lose? (FYI, I’m not talking about your retirement money or savings..)

9. Stop letting your past define who you are today – Yes our past has made us who we are in so many ways…but it does not have to continue to do so. We can start today and create who we want to be going forward. It doesn’t have to be a huge change…something like moving to a new state. Just do one small thing, one small change. Something you never did before but always wanted to do. Maybe take a class, learn a new language for that trip you are going to take. Just one small change in your everyday life can make such a difference in how you feel.

10. Stop eating potato chips and ice cream – just kidding…there is no way I’m going to stop doing this. I have cut back and don’t have either of them every day. I also get out and walk and do exercises. But if I don’t feel like doing the exercises or walk…I don’t. And if I want some ice cream, I have it. Life is short… eat the ice cream!

This is my list of 10 things I think we should stop doing. What do you think? Do you have anything to add?

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” ~ Nelson Mandela


19 thoughts on “10 Things You Need To Stop Doing…Now!

  1. STOP! I get it! My goodness this life is going by quickly-er and quickly-er! Your blog readers all agree on so many of your points and when the head hits the pillow the ‘stuff’ can really come at you! We all deal with ‘it’ and we all must choose how to deal with it. Easier said than done for sure but day by day looking for the sunshine and living in the moment! Cherishing that book, that walk, that hug, that friend, that chip……You get it!!

    1. All so very true Joanie! I wrote this and I deal with all of it too…But good friends help us get by in this thing called life!

  2. Good advice! I need reminders to do all of these things, instead of “trying to get through another day”. And the social media thing is really not the best for one’s self-esteem. We are seeing people all “cleaned-up” and only the best parts of their lives, and it seems to me, people may do this just to get positive feedback from others. “Oh you look so young!” “Oh your family is beautiful!” “Oh, here are my perfect children!”; well, you get the picture. And if I was a kid in today’s world, social media would be a very, very bad thing. I’m sure that I would be cyber-bullied, with my tomboy look!

    1. Vicky you are so right. I am glad I didn’t have it when I was a kid and my grands aren’t on…yet!I’m sure none of those “beautiful people” have perfect lives…I will try to keep reminding you…you are enough!

  3. It’s so difficult not to worry. A few weeks back we were hit with a triple whammy. During the day, it’s easier to put things out of your mind, but come time to sleep???? Forgetaboutit!!! When us older folks get together nowadays, we DO end up discussing our medical challenges. We shake our heads and say how we sound just like our grandmas. We aren’t travelers, but give us a half decent day, and we’re off enjoying nature. We do appreciate all of our local “things to do”. As for chips and ice cream…I switched over to Cape Cod chips and frozen yogurt. I can’t see a difference, though, so I just might change back to the GOOD stuff. hahaha AND we cherish our time with our daughters and grands.

    1. Peg, you and Andy do embrace each day…I love that you guys hike and walk all over the place…and truly enjoy your lives together…

  4. These are so true Renee! I inherited silver trays and I use them everywhere around the house including under the cat dishes. If I am polishing them, which I do, why would I tuck them away?

  5. Yes! I think that you have to walk an unbearable road to completely understand the importance of these words. Every single day is a gift whether it is a shitbag left on your front porch or Publisher’s Clearinghouse knocking on it. It’s all in how you look at life. Half empty/Half full and I decided to live in the half full side after I saw how bad it could really be. Pinned this!

  6. Man you had me worried with that last one! I completely agree with 1 – 9 though and you’re absolutely right….but the trick is to undo 50+ years of conditioning. I’m working on most of these and hopefully I’ll get there before I die 🙂 At least I can still eat potato chips!

    1. Oh, believe me..the potato chips aren’t going anywhere..LOL! I am trying to work on all of these myself! Thanks Leanne!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE…all are so true. I wish 6 was EASIER, but its not. You know me, once I’m out of this house, I’m foot loose and fancy free…its when I’m home here along, I worry worry worry. And although I seldom eat ice cream, no one or noting will stop me from eating what I want, when I want. Soon be 71, so this is what ya get people, like it or not 🙂 LOVE ya Renee, you’re a sweetheart to me.

  8. Very good post and excellent advice. Forgive me if I don’t wear that dress and fret about the china. The only china I worry about is when I go to a store and see clothing with its name on the label. As for eating ice cream and potato chips, I am not a big ice cream eater but crackers and dips are truly my downfall. Being half Italian, I cannot pass up on any type of pasta 100%. Worrying does create stress and at our age it only furthers our health problems. As for not complaining about our health, good for you. We should be happy for what we have and forget about what we once had or in most cases never had. I would never compare myself to Brad Pitt knowing full well I would have to deal with the meglomaniac Angelina Jolie. As for my life now, I am in a very happy state of affairs and I could not want anything more. We need to take your advice to heart because in the end it would make us better and happier people.

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