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Things We Shouldn’t Do After 60!!

really?…don’t tell me what to do!

game over

is it over for us after 60 or should we just do what we want?

I have been reading so many articles on Facebook and in magazines lately stating we shouldn’t do this or that after 50. Well I am over 60, so should I just crawl in a hole and give up? I think we earned the right to do whatever we want at this age…within reason that is..and if we are not breaking any laws. But here are some of the stupid things I have read that we shouldn’t be doing.

Women over 30 shouldn’t have long hair – I remember back in the 60’s Mom telling some of her women friends they should cut their hair. Mom did some of the neighbor ladies hair and she would tell them straight out they shouldn’t have long hair at their age. I think they were probably in their 40’s. What???? Why can’t an older women have long hair if she so desires? Where is it written she can’t? What does having long hair have to do with age anyway? I had long hair way into my late 40’s and several times after that and no one ever mentioned I shouldn’t. Not that I would have listened to them anyway.

Women over 20…, yes you read this right, 20…should not wear leggings –  Ok, I can see why “they” are saying this. Seeing some of the people who do is certainly reason enough to make a case for this, but… I say anyone can wear them…just for the love of all that is holy….wear a long top….very long. And never…never wear nude colored leggings(this is my own rule).

Women over a certain age should not wear pants –  They really didn’t mention the age. Just “over a certain age”… For heavens sake, why? I would rather see a woman in pants than see her scrawny, wrinkly, dried up legs. This may or may not be coming from my own personal experience….and me seeing my own legs in the mirror.. Just again, wear pants that fit and are appropriate to your size.

“People say women shouldn’t have long hair over a certain age, but I’ve never done what everyone says.” ~ Jane Seymour

We should not drink more than 7 glasses of wine a week – That is one per day, (whew..)…but really? I don’t always have that many, some weeks go by without even one glass, but sometimes you just need to “wine”… and aren’t “they” always telling us to have more fruit…like we are supposed to eat several servings a day. Does a glass of wine count as a serving of fruit? I say yes, yes it does.

If we are over 60 we should not eat sweets – Ok, now “they” have just gone too far! Who are “they” anyway? I bet “they” are sitting in their office somewhere with their bag of M&M’s typing away while writing this stuff…and laughing their heads off. I know people that never ate anything bad and… they still died… everything in moderation people..everything in moderation!

We should not do body shots – Don’t ask..

Women over 30 shouldn’t wear blue jeans – I have already discussed this in depth here… Forever In Blue Jeans

“Young. Old. Just words.” ~ George Burns

People over the age of 60 should not, I repeat should NOT use exercise equipment – Ok, this one I love…we are more apt to get hurt and do harm to ourselves by using the equipment at the gym. We are better off walking or just doing exercises. So thank you to the “they” that wrote this one…Now we have a good excuse to “Not” go to the gym. I am not making this up, I saw it…somewhere…

Men over 40 should not wear baseball caps – Ok, this one is just plain ridiculous. I would rather see an older guy in a baseball cap and have it on his head the correct way then see a 12 year old with it on sideways…

There you have it. This is not meant to be taken seriously by any means. Who knows who “they” are, sitting around thinking up these things in the first place. My take on all of this is … Life is short. We should all do what makes us feel good! Like I said before we have earned the right at our age to feel good and enjoy life! But also be careful out there and make sure you aren’t taking too many chances. We look in the mirror and think, who is that old person looking back at us. We don’t feel like we are this age, but we are. There are two things I know for sure that we definitely shouldn’t do at our age… we should not hold onto grudges or live in the past. This will hurt us more than any wine we drink or sweets we eat. So Enjoy yourselves and above all, have fun and dance to the music!

Do you have any good ideas to add to the ones I’ve written? What do you think about this? As always I enjoy reading your comments.

“Just be yourself. Let people see the real imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful and magical person that you are.” ~ Unknown






30 thoughts on “Things We Shouldn’t Do After 60!!

  1. THEY need to mind their own business…lololol. I do what I dang well wanna do. I’ve earned it at this age 🙂 LOVE YA kiddo. PS: Gotta got to liquor store for WINE 🙂

  2. I have a dear friend who feels no one over 50 should have bare arms. Have you ever been in the Midwest in July/August??? I do feel that ‘body shots’ are really a questionable activity at any age…lol.

    1. Oh my we can’t have bare arms…it is too hot to wear sleeves…but sometimes I don’t like showing my arms…and Laura, why do you think I said don’t ask…about the body shots…

  3. I read your whole blog today with a smile on my face!!! As I sat hear in my LEGGINGS!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I do not believe that our generation ever took well to being given a list of should and shouldn’ts!!! Why should we start NOW????? I wear my hair short now because I think I look better in short hair and my hair is so thick and unruly! It is easier to manage this way but the fact that my hair grows uncommonly fast makes it hard for me to maintain the neatness of the style! I guess nothing is ever just PERFECT!!! Luckily, my hair stylist is my niece and she is very flexible with me!!! I still like wearing make-up but rarely fuss with it if I am just staying home. I am more concerned with things like why have the last three doctors that we have seen in 2017, all decided to leave the practices they were in and go elsewhere? So we are yet again making an appointment to see a new doctor!!! What is up with these people???? Really??? 4 doctors in the space of 8 months???? And I hate our new insurance!!! They deny EVERYTHING just as a matter of trial and then later they review stuff and decide to cover the same stuff that they had just denied!!! Making me crazy much???????? So I try to shrug off what I can and let the rest go…….isn’t that the same thing??? I guess so. My problem is, I am just tired of thinking so much!!! Being just south of 70 by 6 weeks, I do not think I should HAVE to be THINKING all the time!!!! I want the joy of waking up and just breezing through the day without so much as a hint of worry!!! So I think I spend an inordinate amount of time just pushing worries away from my face!!! I think I may be babbling but then I am not going to worry about it!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just wanted to let you know that I got much enjoyment from your latest blog and am looking forward to the next entry!!!! And if it doesn’t come for a while….that’s OK, too! I will just be sitting around admiring how my legs look in my LEGGINGS!!!! :D!

  4. HAH! A good laugh on this rainy day. We DO deserve to feel comfortable doing whatever…after towing the line for SO many years.

  5. I have been breaking all those rules. The hair thing perplexes me: lots of women look nicer with longish hair and it’s easier than trying to make a short, manly cut look decent. (Before anyone asks: Mine is shoulder-length when blown out.) And yaaaay on the wine; grapes are healthy!

  6. The one thing I would actually agree on is not having long hair (I had long hair as a youngster; not had for years) because someone our age should have hair you don’t have to fuss with so you are always prepared to do one of those other things on the list we shouldn’t do. Who has time for hair when there’s so much out there for us to do? Great post!

  7. I was just thinking about some of these “should not” topics the other day, especially since I’m turning 60 next year. I told myself I am too old to wear bikini. It’s not about being too old, but really about my middle – aged middle being too large for a bikini after two kids.

  8. I wear all of those things, jeans, leggings–and currently my hair is longer. It depends on the person. Baseball caps, no–sun hats for hot Southern California. THANKS!!

  9. I’ve decided I’m old enough to ignore what ‘they’ say. Unless ‘They’ say to go out and have fun and enjoy my life. Then I’m totally on board!
    Love this post!

  10. Oh you made me laugh! The long hair one I have heard it seems like ages and I am in violation. Honestly with my mop, longer is easier. As long as I can manage it in my dotage or until I get a whim, it will stay longish. I will never be on the red carpet so back off fashion police!

  11. There is always someone out there trying to be the fashion police – but the great thing about Midlife is that most of us don’t give a toss and we’ll do what suits us because we’ve people pleased for way too long. Now it’s our turn to do what we like – and if that means pajama day or wearing blue jeans or leggings – the so be it! 🙂

  12. If I end up wearing a baseball cap (excluding the Red Sox) with a toothpick in my mouth then I will know I am beyond hope. Good post.

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