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  1. As far back as I can remember I have been in search of something. It all started in grade school with the hair thing. I wanted straight hair. I slept with empty cans in my hair(well can’t say I really slept). Hair looked great, the exact straight look I wanted..that is until I walked out the door. By the way, I am still in search of this…

    Then in high school it was a coat. Not just “a” coat, a Chesterfield Coat. It took forever to find just the right one. Mom was just about done with me when we finally found it! It was black and white tweed with a black velvet collar. Success! High school was also officially the beginning of my obsession with shoes. It started with a pair of Capezio shoes. I had to have them, everyone did but me. My parents wouldn’t get them for me since the were very expensive. I had to babysit to earn the money and buy them myself. I finally did…Twin button, black leather Capezios.  I had a few other pairs after that, but none of them could compare with those very first ones I got with my own hard earned money. I still remember how they smelled and they way they conformed to my feet. I loved those shoes..they were perfect! i don’t think I have ever found a pair that I loved as much as these shoes.

    It still remains, the shoe thing, only now I have added a “boot thing” to it. Just recently I was “in search of” the perfect pair of brown boots. Not just brown, mind you, I wanted cognac. You see I already had brown ones. I also had brown cowboy boots. But neither of them were the right shade of brown I was looking for. I searched for months, online and in stores when I was in the malls for work. I finally found them! They were on sale and the last pair, the ones on the display. It was meant to be. The perfect color I had been looking for. I have yet to wear them, but I have the color I need, if I do.

    Don’t get me started on purses. I am in constant search of the perfect purse. There are things I want and need in a purse and can never find the exact one I am looking for. I need a certain amount of pockets. I need it to feel a certain way, smell a certain way(I know, I know) and hang a certain way on my arm or shoulder. Somehow I can never find all of these things wrapped up into one bag. I have been in search of a turquoise colored bag since last summer. It had to be the perfect shade of blue and I never found it. I was bound and determined to find it this year and I finally did. it just came yesterday and it is the perfect shade, just what I had been looking for. I can’t wait to start using it.

    Clothes…I wore leggings to my recent job. I was constantly bending while merchandising the cases and they seemed to work well for me. We had to wear black for work and so I was in constant search of the perfect black leggings. They were either to short, too long, too saggy, too tight…you get the picture. I was cleaning out my closet last week and counted 15 pairs of leggings.

    So yes, “Houston, we have a problem”. I am aware of it. I know I have a problem. Clothes, purses, shoes, boots, makeup…Oh yeah, makeup. There “is” one thing I have been in search of my whole life and have yet to find… It is the perfect lipstick. Not just the right color, the right texture and consistency too! I found a few over the years but sadly they were discontinued…of course. So I am still “In search of” the perfect one.

    I am not sure what all of this says about me, as a matter of fact, I don’t even want to know..or care. I guess I will always be “in search of” something and that’s ok.

    What are you “in search of”?

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  1. With me , every season I am into something different. A few years ago it was belt buckles. I think I bought 4 on Ebay. I have a large one that looks like diamonds, one that is a pretty blueish, one with a large pink stone, and a few more. Of course I always loved leather jackets so I have different colors. I couldn’t stop at one. Then it was nautical bathing suits I couldn’t find in the stores and found a couple new ones on Ebay. Next came headbands. Don’t get me started on that, Well , ok I started buying them , lets say 2 years ago. I think I counted over 70; all different colors, stripes, polka dots with bows like they wore in the 60’s. After I got over that binge I started to need thin button down cardigans. All different colors and that’s where my belts come in to play. I where a camisole with a bit of lace on top under my thin cardigans and only button 2 middle buttons so my fancy belts show. Then I needed wooden earrings Of course I had to get those on Ebay. Did I mention I was into pearls? lol Last year I was into riding boots. Since I haven’t had long boots for years, I had to have real Leather. I got a pair of black with brown up top , than later in the winter I decided I needed all black riding boots. I planned on horse riding and you cant do that without proper gear; that’s where the riding boots came in. Sneakers are a no no for that. Oh my gosh! Don’t let me forget my flip flops. My husband gets upset when he sees all my flip flops I think I have all colors, plastic and leather; about 75 pairs. No kidding. So now summer is coming and so far I am into working on my Ancestry all winter. Keeps me from shopping lol

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