Umbrella blowing inside out

Some Stupid Things To Make You Laugh…

Umbrella blowing inside out

You never know what kind of day it will be…

So lately I haven’t felt much like writing for some reason…and that is so weird because I love to write and it has been so therapeutic for me to do it. I took a little break over the summer and just haven’t been feeling it. So I decided this week I needed to get back on the horse and do it again…but  then I was trying to decide what to write about and while there is so much going on in the world right now I just didn’t have the energy to come up with something I could put out there for my readers and for me! So I decided to write a list of some stupid silly things I have seen in the news and social media. I promise I will be back to writing my usual stories and thoughts soon. So here is my list of stupid things I’ve seen lately.

1. Gas station owner posts sign in his store…”Don’t warm urine in microwave.” And why would he need to post this I wondered… I dont even want to know!

2. Making crafts out of tampons… yeah, that’s a thing evidently!

3. And making crafts out of moose turds…that’s also a thing in New England..we used to just make crafts out of paper, yarn, metal, etc… I guess we just weren’t forward thinking back in the day..

4. I know you all saw this one but still.. Toddler shreds $1,060 of parents money.. I cant even…dont people watch these kids and why was the money just laying around for the toddler to find it?

5. VA man rubs produce on his butt and puts it back on the shelf…what did he get out of that except for a fine and possible jail term?? You cant make this stuff up..

6. Thousands of insects were stolen from a PA museum. 7,000 infact! Who steals insects? And why? Evidently they think it was former employees. Guess they would miss them too much and decided to take them home.

7. Man in Florida was arrested for stabbing another man. The man who was arrested did not have arms.. How did he stab someone without arms you ask? He did it with his feet.

8. A bank in India was wondering why the ATM wasn’t working. Customers had been complaining no money was coming out. They opened it to find out why and they found a rat chewing on some money. He ate $18,000!

9. Customers of an animal hospital were getting prank one was on the line when they answered. Those that had caller ID saw it was coming from the animal hospital, so they called to see why this was happening. One person got 9 calls in just a few minutes.. When someone went into the office to see why this was happening, they found the culprit. A gecko was on the touch screen phone making calls. Hey, the gecko called and the dog is ready to be picked up!

10. And finally the much talked about Banksy painting that self destructed after  being sold for 1.4 million dollars. I don’t know who Bansky is and not familiar with his work…but he has some weird sense of humor…if it is humor! I don’t think the person who paid 1.4 million is laughing.

Well there are many more of course but that’s my list of 10 for today! I hope you got a chuckle or at least a smile out of them.

”Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t.” ~ Mark Twain

10 thoughts on “Some Stupid Things To Make You Laugh…

  1. Ohmygosh…some of those were waaaayyyyyy out there. I mean who even has $1,000 to lay around? Thanks for giving all of us things to laugh about. 🤣

  2. Coming originally from New England, I would not want to enter a craft store that was making new items out of moose turds and tampons. Seems that they cannot determine what orifice would supply them with their next inspiration. As for destroying money, pair the kid and the rat together. It is an elementary tail with a real bite. I guess we can all decide that shopping for produce in Virginia is not for us. i wonder if the produce section is located in the rear of the store. When our lives get complicated, humor is around. The human race will never let us down when it comes to new levels of stupidity. Thanks for the post. Keep us laughing so that when we finish reading your post, a smile is on our face.

  3. Yes, Hellion, I did get quite a few chuckles out of this post!!! Wish the “news” would do this a bit more often!!! I have been watching more and more of the Disney Channel, with the kids, AND EVEN SOME TIMES WITHOUT THEM!!!!! bwahahahahahahaha!!!! I also watch a lot of the Weather Channel, TCM, PBS for a show that airs in early afternoon up here, “Last of the Summer Wine” (hilarious!!!) (Jere also likes their “murder mysteries”, and the Japanese channel HKN. They have some really interesting stuff on. So I manage to miss a lot of really irritating stuff!!! Then if there is nothing entertaining on TV, I come in to my office and check out Facebook! Always something happening there!! Then when I am tired, I go to bed. Not always to sleep very well, though. A side effect of aging……Bwahahahahahaha! So I like it when your HH column comes along on a gray day like today and especially when it is on a funny topic!!! So we DON’T have sun…..every once in awhile we have The Hellion!!!! That’s BETTER!!!! Keep ’em coming, Renee!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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