sunset on the beach

“Something To Believe In”

and why is everything a song title??

sunset on the beach

I Believe…

And why does everything I say sound like a song title? Maybe since there have been a bazillion songs that have been sung, there is always something that “is” a song title. This particular song title, “Something to Believe In”, was recorded by numerous bands and singers. And every single version is different. The Ramones sang a song called “Something to Believe In”…in 1986. Poison a different one in 1990 and Bon Jovi another version in 1995. There were numerous others I found on Wikipedia. I think it’s strange that each song had the same title but was about different things…to believe in.

I started thinking about this the other day…about how I needed something to believe in again. I have always been a glass half full kind of person. I always believed everything would turn out all right and the sun would come up again…tomorrow. I believed in miracles. I believed in Spring and all the beautiful flowers blooming once again after the cold brutal winter. I believed Mother Nature to be stronger than Old Man Winter and that she would come through every single year. I believed in the goodness of others and that things would somehow just work out.

Yes, I believed all of that but lately I started doubting that everything would be all right. I know life isn’t perfect and everyone has their share of times that make you just want to give up, lie in bed all day and eat chocolate. After so many things, one right after another, that have happened to me I just need something….something to make me want to grab hold of the day and embrace it. Like I used to. Before all the bad stuff. I want, I need “something to believe in..”

“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.” ~ Jim Henson

The other day as I was driving to meet a friend,  all of the sudden for some reason I remembered a song(yes another one) that I sang in chorus in 7th grade. We had a Spring Choral Concert and we sang, “I Believe.” I’ll never forget the performance because we got a standing ovation from all the parents and students. It was the highlight of my singing career…Which was actually only that one concert. But never the less, I can still see everyone, some with tears in their eyes clapping and cheering.

I looked the song up on Wikipedia(I use that a lot) and found out the song was first sung by a woman by the name of Jane Fromen. She asked some songwriters she knew to come up with a song that would give people hope and faith around the time of the Korean War since she felt people needed to hear something positive. She had a program on television and sang the song on her show. This was around 1953. I had never heard about her, but then I was very young at the time and I don’t even know if we had a tv yet. You really need to Google her and read her story. It’s very interesting and actually there was a movie about her life called “With a Song in my Heart,” in which she was portrayed by Susan Hayward. I find it somewhat strange and wonderful that you can be researching one thing and come up with something entirely different. Something that can give you hope…something to believe in.

Just like the song title “Something To Believe In”, “I Believe” had several different versions. The lyrics were for the most part the same but sung by different people. Frankie Lane is one of the first people to sing it after Jane Froman. I remember listening to Frankie because my parents liked him..however I don’t recall hearing him sing the song. I don’t really think I ever heard anyone sing it except me and my 7th grade chorus friends. It really is a beautiful song and just like Jane requested…it is full of hope. Here are a few of the lyrics…reading them today made me tear up a bit. I think maybe it was remembering that night so long ago and also the pure power behind the words.

“I Believe”

Lyricists: Sammy Cahn, Al Stillman
Composers: Ervin Drake, Jimmy Shirl, Irvin Graham, Jule Styne

I believe for every drop of rain that falls…a flower grows.

I believe that somewhere in the darkest night…a candle glows.

I believe for everyone who goes astray…someone will come to show the way.

I believe, I believe.

I believe above the storm the smallest prayer…Will still be heard

I believe that someone in the great somewhere…Hears every word

Every time I hear a new born baby cry…

Or touch a leaf or see the sky

I believe, I believe

Very positive and powerful words. I want to listen to it now, maybe I will listen to Elvis’ version. I needed this today. And I hope the positivity these lyrics brought stays with me. I used to believe unconditionally that everything would turn out fine. There was never a doubt in my mind that the bad spurt was short lived and good would once again return. Somehow I lost that feeling. I know bad things can happen now… I have seen and lived through so many. I think I almost started expecting them instead of the good things. But I also know I survived the can only get better. I believe better days are ahead, I believe “everything’s gonna be all right!” (another song by the way..Kenny Chesney)

“Sometimes, patience is taking a deep breath and listening to that little voice on the inside saying, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be all right.”  ~ Unknown


24 thoughts on ““Something To Believe In”

  1. I so remember this song. That’s what is wonderful about your post and about the song is that it brings back life memories. Music can be so visual. Thanks.

  2. Elvis’s version, I know that one. I know as I get older I do realize not everything works out, but what is the alternative? Trying to find a bit of beauty, a bit of happiness, a bit of joy everyday is something to believe in and to seek. That’s my outlook. Big Hugs to you!

    1. Thank you Haralee! I do try to find joy every day and look for the good…it is only when life keeps throwing more and more and more that I can’t jump back up like I used to…but i keep trying…cause you are right, what’s the alternative?

  3. I believe that everything happens for a reason and sometimes it takes decades to see it.
    In the meantime, I believe that, as in that beautiful song: ‘above the storm the smallest prayer…Will still be heard
    I believe that someone in the great somewhere…Hears every word’. It makes life less random and brings me great comfort!

  4. Thanks for pointing us towards this song. We all need this, some time or another… And weirdly, “everybody hurts” (the original version) is another one that does it for me. Maybe because it’s about remembering what we have in common, despite all the differences…

    1. Thank you Elaine! And you are right, it is getting harder and harder…glad it made you feel a little better!

  5. It’s a beautiful song and I think we often hold onto songs to remind us that things will get better – they lift our spirits at times when nothing else does. I’ve been less than well over the last few months and I’ve felt my own resilience slipping – it’s hard to put the brakes on it when every time I think there’ll be an improvement, it just keeps sliding backwards. Life moves on though and I’m sure there will be lots of happier times ahead – we just have to hold on to that and “Believe” x

    1. Thank you Leanne! And yes, we do have to hold onto that and believe..I think is gets harder as we age to just pop back..

  6. Ohmygosh!! I love the “I Believe” song, too…. when a powerful voice sings it. And you’re right, everything IS a song. Andy will say something and I start to sing it. (poor guy lol) Keep the great blogs coming. They’re keeping our minds active by subjects we don’t always give much thought to. Love ya.

  7. Excellent blog. Believing is so important and music is a medium that can allow one to put thoughts into song. One song that comes to mind is “I’m a Believer” sung by the Monkees but written by Neil Diamond. What one believes in sets the course of their life. Sometimes you hit sandbars and rough waters but if you tack your ship in the right direction peace awaits you. (Pardon the ship metaphors). I find one of the most interesting pieces to listen to is The Ode to Joy part of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. It is a clarion call to search out that what makes us happy. It starts out slow but ends in a fiery crescendo. If you “Don’t Stop Believing” you will be on the correct Journey of life. Best I could do. Keep up with the blogs. You are very good at them.

  8. That I Believe is beautiful! I needed that too! “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright!” Bob Marley is always a fav for me. It always seems to come on the radio just when I need it.

  9. Your message has touched me to the point of tears. Thank you so much for your wisdom (and lyrics) I thrive on music, it soothes my soul, and like you gives us hope. I am so happy to have found your blog. Please keep writing!

    1. Oh Teresa, your message to me moved me to tears! Thank you so much! And believe me I will keep writing…it is the one constant I have right now…and it gives me joy!

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