15 Words That Sound Dirty But Aren’t

and really, who decided to call it that….


now that’s funny…

I needed to change things up a little this week with some humor. I have been somewhat sad lately and writing sad posts… so I thought I would write a post that would make me laugh and hopefully you too! I have been thinking about this for some time now…how common ordinary words sometimes just sound dirty. I know I have a weird way of looking at things, ok…and maybe its just me, but I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Here is my list of words that sound dirty to me…but really aren’t…

1. DICK’S (Sporting Goods) – It’s even capitalized. So someone somewhere thought this would be a good name for a sporting goods store. I don’t care if the guy who owns it was named Dick or not….not a good name for a store. I can’t even…and if I even wanted to, who can say this without laughing….”hey, wanna go to DICK’S”…

2. Cockpit – What, all pilots were men back then and so they named it this? Really?

3. Ding Dongs – Someone just decided to make a tasty treat of “chocolate with a creamy filling” (yes, that is what it says in the ad) and then someone else said, let’s name them Ding Dongs. Maybe they even hired an ad firm to consult on this name and paid them big bucks.

4. Cocktail – Every time I see this on the menu it makes me laugh. Maybe I am still 10.

5. Strip Mall – Why? I know the stores are all lined up in a strip, but really?

6. Corkscrew – This is just wrong…and I use one all the time to open my wine. But every time I do I laugh. And I use one quite frequently.

7. Fracking – I know it is a hotly debated issue…but that name…it just sounds dirty.

8. Tight End and Wide Receiver – I put these two together since they were both football terms. And of course most football players are they most likely came up with these terms. I have however seen a few cute “tight ends” when watching the games on tv.

9. Dickies – Not sure if the younger generation knows what these are but we older women wore them under sweaters..they were a fake turtleneck kinda thing, so we didn’t have to wear a real turtleneck. Do you understand this…cause I didn’t and I don’t think I wore them cause I never liked turtlenecks. Also there is a line of mens work clothing called this…Of course there is…

10. Uranus – No explanation needed…

11. Clematis – It’s a very pretty climbing vine…but it sounds like an STD. Did you ever have clematis?

12. Angina – I know this is not a funny term for those who have it or experienced it but really they couldn’t have called it something else.

13. Rear Entry – As in when you get there, try the rear entry. Or the car has a rear entry door… but seriously…

14. Jiffy Lube – It’s great if you are in a hurry… And..NO Appointment Needed…

and last but certainly not least…

15. Volvo – Those Swedes!

“There are no dirty words, only dirty minds.” ~ Lenny Bruce

Are there any I left out? Can you come up with a few more…post them below in the comments.


24 thoughts on “15 Words That Sound Dirty But Aren’t

  1. My husband builds commercial kitchens and one of their big clients is BJ’s Brewhouse. The logo just says BJ’s and they are ALWAYS right by a DICK’S. I die laughing every time I see the signs together. I think I’m still 10, too.

  2. These are great, Renee! I can’t think of any words at the moment, but years ago, when I lived in Marblehead, Mass., there was a grocery store named Penni’s. The store name was in big, individual letters above the entrance on the front of the building. And someone (kids, I assume) would repeatedly steal one of the “N’s” so the name would read “Penis.” 🙂

  3. The original Dicks (Sporting Goods) store, which is still open, is perhaps three miles from where I work in Binghamton, New York. They are no longer headquartered here but still have a presence. So, each August, they sponsor a golf tournament called (drum roll) the Dick’s Open. Somehow, that name has never quite sounded right to me. Perhaps we are fortunate that the chain wasn’t called Flys.

  4. Well done, Renee! This was very good. I remember as a teenager working in housekeeping in a hospital back in the 60’s when the older janitors used the term “cockpit” and it had nothing to do with an airplane. Life provides us with so many ways to educate ourselves.

  5. Bahaha!!! It felt great to laugh! Thank you!
    My father – in – law’s name was Dale but was always called Dick! You can’t blame that one his wife Millie because he was called that when she met him. . We have no idea how Dale Sr. became Dick but my Dale shall remain The Dalemeister aka Pool Boy!

    1. We had a neighbor on Williams St and his name was Dick, but us little kids called him Dicket The Spicket….dont ask me why! Glad it made you laugh Joanie…

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