There’s Aways HOPE…

Hope Springs Eternal”..Alexander Pope


always.. always Hope…

I haven’t felt much like writing and couldn’t decide on a topic this week…last week I was searching for “something to believe in” ..it seems to be a constant battle lately for me to find better days. I went for a walk yesterday…the sun was shining brightly and it wasn’t as cold as it has been. I even walked longer than my usual 35 minutes, I walked for over an hour. I was looking for signs and of course I found some. But I was also looking for something else, something to give me “hope”…

I really am not this person I feel I have become. I do not give up! But when things just keep happening you sometimes feel like doing just that. I think I usually get this way in March…I am tired of winter and the darkness it brings. I love sunshine and warm weather and by the time March rolls around I am just done. Then throw in the time change and well I just can’t…So as I walked I tried to come up with things that give me hope…and I do know this…There is always hope!

I spent some time with two of my grand kids on Friday and Saturday. They give me hope. The two of them are such loving sweet kids and they give me hope for our future. They are my son’s children and I love spending time with them when I get the chance.  We usually go to a movie and then play games and talk. Yes, we actually talk. They ask me questions about their father growing up and what he was like as a child. We usually wind up laughing hysterically about something I tell them. It makes me happy and fills me with hope to know they want to talk about him and keep him “alive” in their hearts. It is good to be able to talk about him and just feel normal for a little while…I know it is good for all of us to be able to do that. I also love their sweet hugs and kisses and most of all.. hearing them say, “Grammy, I love you!” They give me hope!

After they left I went to the grocery store…now this doesn’t usually fill me with hope…or any kind of enjoyment.. however on this day it did. I saw a cashier who used to work there and had been gone for some time, so I went to his register. He looked up and smiled and I told him I was glad he was back. We chatted for awhile and he asked how my job was going, to which I replied…laid off again. He looked at me, his eyes so very honestly filled with emotion.. he wished me luck and winked. It made my day. And gave me hope.

“Hope is the last thing ever lost.” ~ Italian Proverb

As I was walking I couldn’t help but see the flowers coming up out of the dirt and leaves. The flowers make me happy. I am always amazed that year after year they continue to thrive and grow again after the cold dreary winter. The little ones especially, the crocus and snowdrops. And then the daffodils and tulips that follow. The trees are starting to bud and it all gives me a sense of renewal. It gives me hope.

I can’t help but notice the sounds coming from the trees, the little birds flitting from tree to tree singing their happy little songs and building their nests. I see Cardinals and I saw my first Robin. I am always excited to see them as it really means Spring is here. At least it is supposed to be here. If the robins come back then it’s here….right? I even saw some geese flying back from their vacations in the south. All the birds and animals know it’s Spring…then why doesn’t it feel like it? But..it gives me hope!

I walk along and think what else gives me hope? And what comes to mind is… the beach and the ocean. The ocean gently bringing the waves to the shore and then back out again. The constant in and out of the water and the smell of it brings such a sense of peace. It is definitely something that I love, and something that gives me hope.

As I pass by a playground I see a bunch of children playing and laughing. They are outside playing in the sunshine and enjoying every minute of it. Not one of them has a cell phone or an electronic device. They are climbing on the rock walls and swinging on the swings. The sounds of pure joy permeate the air.  It makes me smile and gives me hope!

“Hope is like a bird that senses the dawn and starts to sing while it is still dark.” ~ Unknown

There is goodness and hope out there in the world but it seems we have a tendency to see the bad more so than the good. I share a “good story” on Facebook every day. Some days it takes forever to find one. I see so many horrible stories but very few good ones. It is important to me to find the “good”…and share it. People sometimes comment and like the posts and sometimes they don’t. But when I see people out at a restaurant or shopping somewhere they always comment that they love my “good stories”… So they do make a difference. It is the same with this blog. I think to myself, I don’t feel like writing this week, will anyone even notice it I don’t? And then I remember all the people that tell me they read it and just don’t comment. I have to remember why I do these things. I do them because I love doing them and if a few people get some enjoyment out of it then that is just icing on the cake. And it gives me hope.

All these things give me hope. Also my family and friends that are always reaching out to me keeping me going in these tough times. They are my rock and they give me hope. I know two things..I know that Spring will soon be here and I will once again find something I love to do. While looking for quotes for this post I found so many good ones and just reading them filled me with HOPE! It’s out there..I hope you find it too!

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” ~ Desmond Tutu


18 thoughts on “There’s Aways HOPE…

  1. I love this one Renee. I saw a Robin the other day and I thought the same that spring must be coming. The weather in Nashville is crazy also Saturday it was 80 and today it’s 40! Hang in there Renee. Love and miss you.

  2. Another good one. Walking always clears my mind, too. Just walking on the trails and looking for interesting things is one of my favorite things to do. One way to feel hope is to stop watching the news. Some days I do just that, but not 100%, of course. You have a special bond with your grands and you have to be so proud of the job you did. Can’t wait to walk to the “falls” with you! Keep ’em comin’. 🙂

    1. Thank you Peg! I hardly watch the news at all and as you know most of the time I can’t hear it either…LOL.. I can’t wait to walk the falls with you guys…hope Spring comes soon…

  3. The old saying states that hope springs eternal. Sometimes, it seems that these few words can be so far from our grasp yet their meaning can give us inspiration to keep moving. There are signs, if we look for them, that can instill that hope in us. I find that on walks nature always is ready to provide signs that can boost hope. The world is a beautiful place if you look in the right directions. Again, another very good blog. You say that at times you are searching for a new topic but you always rise to the challenge. Those that read your blog are forced to think about the topics that you address and that is the sign of a successful blog. Keep them coming. We look forward to each and every topic that you mention.

    1. Thank you Andy! It is hard to come up with something every week and at times I feel like I don’t want to pass on my feelings of whatever I’m going through at the moment and then something comes to me that I feel can help others as it has helped me…

  4. You are so right Renee – we can get so caught up in the sadness of life and miss the beauty around us – there is always hope and happiness out there, we just need to look up and to be prepared to let it sink into us. Wishing you even more hope and happiness as the days go by xx

  5. Beautifully written Renee! We have had some sunny warm dry days and the trees are budding and the grass has to be mowed and that sweet smell of fresh cut grass means summer is not far behind, I can hope!

  6. Hope springs eternal! Never give up! I’m so ready for Spring! I’ve enjoyed cocooning this Winter with many good books and braved the cold and wind to walk my dog but enough is enough! I saw 8 robins at Couselor Park yesterday and so many of our early Spring flowers poking their little heads up from the mulch! My mother loved flowers and birds so they always remind me of her. Does the heart good! A male and female cardinal flew right past into the low bushes to our right! I said “ Hi Mom and Pops”! It’s getting easier but still so hard to believe! I try real hard to think of the funny things they did and I couldn’t have done that six months ago! I hoped and prayed it would get better and
    it is ! Let’s never give it hope! Good topic Renee, even when you struggled to find one!

    1. Thanks Joanie! That made me tear up…I think its so hard when we lose our parents and know we are totally on our own… I cant wait for Spring to get here and stay awhile…. Love you my friend…

  7. So feel ya on this one!! So glad you had time with your grands and you talk about Dave. That’s wonderful. And yep so much bad stuff it makes me sad too…but HOPEfully warmer days will soon be here and HEAL us❤️❤️

    1. Aw, thank you Susie! I know you have had a rough couple months too…I hope things improve for both of us…and us get together soon… <3

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